Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


Yes except that if they didn’t screw up these things should be more powerful due to research and even a naked rider and a rune or two.

Honestly this change might impact those new runes more than anything. 5% was pretty laughable for a mythic without stacking.

This change, no matter how badly executed or
Communicated is a step in the right direction. It has winners and losers like everything. But there is no way PG is leaving pathox in its current state…


Wow, I didn’t know this :flushed:


Immediately after the update, with the 11%, it was definitely an improvement, and felt much better balanced for Obsidian. Definitely wasnt OP though. Obviously is was very much OP for Vanguard though. That’s why I think they need to redistribute HP gain if they intend to move forward with the spell scaling.

What 5% are you referring to? The Glyph is 20%. Though I admit we cant be sure how that 20% is calculated.


Referring to the new “hunter” HP and Attack runes and glyphs which they have one for sorcerer and warrior too.


Ah ok. And yes I agree. Legendary ones are only 3% lol.

It would certainly have helped if PG had spent more time balancing divines at ALL tiers, not just making sure they are balanced at the top.


I don’t personally believe they have staffing or budget planned for the year to allow such a balance, but it is what should happen.

But if we get into shoulds, the current situation shouldn’t have been allowed to happen at all.

Spell scaling should have been how it was originally done. (I can see why they chose not to stack but it does mean that a major source of damage doesn’t scale)

Hp and attack values should not be hand edits but formulas

Spells shouldn’t sometimes use hp and sometimes use attack. Attack should be a percentage of the Hp.

Towers shouldn’t be the same config for almost everyone

Dark flak shouldn’t be a tower that’s so powerful it remains a game changer to this day. (Stun)

Bases shouldn’t be setup with all flaks and be successful

Old towers should be in balance, with equal matching projectile towers, and beam towers, and elemental.

All flak’s should not be elemental

Craftable resists should exist for all single damage types.

Totems should debuff beyond their current limit

Strategy involving elements should be more prevelant where choices exist to counter situations. (originally each island had an element and you were supposed to receive a bonus when you used a dark tower on the dark island for example, not necessarily that but as an example)

Warriors and sorcerers should be equal for folks of similar skill with hunters. Having situations where it’s more ideal to use one over the other rather than just a bunch of different types of hunters

Hunters shouldn’t have massive health, and shouldn’t have health regen if they have shield or or cloak as damage avoiding should replace regen.

Hammers shouldn’t probably give a static 40% of modified hp, forcing hp to be the end all be all. And if they had to stay they should be more accessible to generate/win.

Gear shouldn’t be so impactful

I could go on forever. But my point is, spell scaling is probably a necessary step even if they screw it up, new dragons should be better for everyone.


No it shouldn’t. The “big punch but has a glass jaw” dragon is a valid design style. If atk was a % of hp, warriors would rule the game.


They wouldnt need spell scaling if gear hadnt been introduced in the first place IMO :man_shrugging:.

But I’m done with math for the day, my brain hurts trying to figure it all out. Hopefully I get a reply from one of the PMs I sent, giving me the formula, or they figure it out on their own. Only reason I’ve been on here so much is I was finished with the breeding event 10 minutes into it lol. Sanguis and 12 harb eggs and done.


Not true at all. And the percent being unique to that dragon you can still have your glass canon

I don’t think you understand me.

Say that hp for a particular hunter was based on a formula like x^1.25 (where x is the level) and that you have attack as 500% hp

Works fine. (Not real numbers for this game obviously though)

Maybe a warrior was more like 5x^1.25 with attack being 20% of hp

How is that a problem? Maybe you thought I meant something else?


Attack should be irrelevant to hp. It should be based on attack. It’s an entirely different trait.

ie: actual Attack = base attack + various mods to atk


@Arelyna @DragonPunch

I call on you ONCE AGAIN to please provide a worked example of Pathox Chill damage so we can follow and see if we can replicate it on our own games.

Need to include:

  • Dragon level
  • Research
  • Rider
  • Armour
  • Runes (specifically Mythic chill rune +20%)
  • Consumables

Thank you.


I agree with lots of these, made a post myself just generalizing a correct rescale is what should happen, then lots complain, but as long as it’s correct give it a month adjust to it and move on.


I disagree. They should be proportional. They can be any amount of variance but you shouldn’t have it go from 20% at level 1 and 300% at level 5. That’s just stupid.

I mean technically you maybe should have a dragon power, and attack is a percent of that and so is hp, but if two things are proportional to the same thing then they are also proportional to each other, and thus it would be silly to have a third value when either value should work

Your example of an attack formula is not what I’m talking about, that part works unchanged. You still have modifiers that work on top of it. The topic I’m referring to is the base stats.


Just did a fresh install and my damage numbers went down.

Previously I was doing 25m damage and now just shy of 19m. (From 17% modified hp down to 12.9%)

And once again that number doesn’t seeem to match with anything having to do with 9.5%


Take a look at my calcs over on spell scaling thread, (edit: post 735) I won’t quote myself to make it easier as that’s somehow frowned upon, for intimidating roar and leathal barrier, it might shed some light on your calcs. Would have been nice to know Pathox’s equation beforehand though as Lee has said that it wasn’t base hp times 14% either, he’s working on getting equation though so :crossed_fingers:. Edit: hey look its Lee lol :wave:


Now I’m really afraid to do a reinstall, I rely on pathox a lot more than you do haha


It was base hp × 14%+20% from the mythic glyph. Now it should be modified hp × 9.5%+20%, but it’s not. And apparently changes when you do a reinstall of the game.


So good news. I forced closed and tested again and I’m back to my original number



Huitzil a warrior nerfed (TWICE!), no one bats an eye

Pathox a hunter nerfed, everyone losses their mind

Warrior and sorcerer sucks, no one bats an eye

Warrior and sorcerer buffed, everyone loses their mind

The discrimination towards warrior and sorcerer is very strong…


there was a major outrage over Huitzil.