Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


Im going to assume either you’re joking, being sarcastic or werent around when that happened. People were majorly pissed when he got nerfed and there were A LOT of people demanding refunds from Apple/Google when they were told that is how he would function. Though some of the stuff people were mad about was rather stupid, such as his shield blast not being able to hit across islands. That should have been pretty obvious that it wasnt how it was supposed to work.


Make sure that modified HP is doing what you think it is. Visual with research seems ok, buff is not 30%, idk gear.


What is it that you want ? That a dragon can kill any base with money and nothing else ? I love how they designed Jorm. But Oni?
You want Oni1 Oni2 Oni3 in your roster I guess .
I am very happy with how UVS was designed .
It’s no discrimination obviously . We just don’t want spending to be the only criteria. Spending should let you get newer dragons of higher tiers, which it already does.
But not I Win Dragons


Oops. :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

Edit saw ur subsequent post. Whew! :joy:


Where was money a point in his post? He just stated hunters get to much hipe while warriors get dissed and sourcerers get forgotten.


Myself and EidolonRM both already did all the math for modified HP. Turns out the displayed HP includes everything except the 30% consumable.
Edited for correction: what EidolonRM said 2 posts below :point_down:


Oh there was outrage over huitzil aka my perch dragon and he is specifically the reason I went e2p it made me realize that any dragon at any time can be nerfed if pg feels like it even if you spend 900 to get it…


Technically that won’t work because that’s stacking

You can multiply your base hp by .3 and add it to your display. (Saves you from figuring out all your buffs)

But it doesn’t work because the following

Say you have a 10m as base hp, and you have 20% research 50% rider 30% dragon buff

Base 10m
Research 2m
Rider 5m

Dragon buff 3m

Add the first 3 gets you 17m which is what the main screen gives

If you add dragon buff it’s 20m

But if you take 17m and multiply be 1.3 you get 22.1 because it’s stacking on top of the research and rider buff which it should not.

So to get the missing bit you only need to know the base amount and multiple that by .3 and add to your display amount

In the case of a level 60 pathox the base hp is 72,266,762 and 30% is 21,680,028.6, so for anyone with an expert Pathox you can just add that number to your displayed HP


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So are your equations for damage now coming out to post scaling numbers correctly? Thanks for the consumable doesn’t stack info, I was in a sweet spot with my info so had the wrong idea, I corrected my info.


Seems to me my emerald pathox with +65 hp and +64 attack is still weaker than it used to be can anyone else verify?


My math for pre scaling damage works out. Post scaling, it does not, and I can’t figure out why. I’ve tried tons of different ways of doing the math, and I can’t get it to work out. No communication from PG, and I’m done trying until they give me something to go on. Apparently the formula for calculating damage is a big secret :man_facepalming:


Can you tell me how much damage you are actually dealing? Use a base without any wind totems or wind perches. Then calculate your modified HP: baseHP×(1+gear+rider+research+consumable+runes)

I’m interested to know if your actual damage is 17% of your modified HP.


This isn’t right, you were the one that said consumable is separate and I agree it worked with my numbers.

You have your list of data in a single post somewhere? Stats, buffs, Pre scale calcs working, damage numbers?


No, that formula is correct. Your displayed HP includes everything except the consumable, but you can’t just take the displayed HP and multiply it by 1.3, you have to add it to your total HP buff. Myself and EidolonRM both verified this.


Got it got it, sorry. Agreed, starting at beginning base to add total boost, not working from visual. I’ll correct my post. @Lee1230 edited

With his numbers I see
damage = modified HP x 9.5 + base HP x (.2/1.3) with some rounding in between.

So glyph is separate, based off base, reduced by their “30%” or divide by 1.3. :man_shrugging: Numbers work


I’ll test that formula out and see if it works for me as well. I’ll edit this once I get some results later today.

Edit: @Bambam27 your formula is closer to displayed damaged, but not close enough to be definitive. According to your math, I should be dealing 7.025M, but displayed damaged is 7.53M. I dont think that’s close enough to call it the correct solution, but its given me some more ideas.


I decided to do the same, if you’re looking for more data points.

  • Level 23 Pathox, so baseHP is 7,830,994 according to Dragon Manager.

  • The “all acquired buffs” screen, which should include rider and gear, says +30.4% dragon HP and +31.3% attack at the minute.

  • None of the runes increase HP, but the mythic glyph adds 20% Crippling Chill damage and I have a +3% damage from a hunter attack glyph

  • Research adds 24% damage and 21% HP (combining the researches that boost all dragons and the ones that boost just hunters)

  • And I stuck on the +30% buffs - it looks like both the HP and attack boosts affect Crippling Chill damage.

So modified HP should be 7,830,994 x (1+0.304+0.21+0.3) = 14,205,423.116 HP

14,205,423.116 x 0.095 = 1,349,515.19602 damage

1,349,515.19602 damage x (1 + 0.23 + 0.24 + 0.3 + 0.313) = ~2,811,040.153 damage

Which is a little off, since on a base without a wind totem (or a wind dragon on the perch), Crippling Chill seems to be doing 2,436,457 damage to farms that haven’t been hit by normal attacks.

And 17% of modified HP should be 14,205,423.116 x 0.17 = ~2,414,921.93 damage.

(2,436,457 damage/14,205,423.116 modified HP) x 100 = ~17.15%

So I’m actually doing around 17.15% of modified HP as damage, after all those buffs. Make of that what you will.

*Edited because I realized that one of the glyphs added hunter attack damage

**Double edited because I forgot to add the rider boost to attack


I don’t have a clue what you are discussing here :sweat_smile: Just want to know if I’ll ever be able to kill invader towers with one single crippling chill shot again.


Allegedly once you max him at Vanguard, yes. :zipper_mouth_face: