Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


What’s your visual HP?


Short answer is no, then :frowning:


Shows up as 11.8M on the roster screen.


I get 17% of modified hp as dmg


Hey @PGCrisis, since you are around, can you tell us if this Pathox nerf is still being evaluated or you are keeping it like this?


my pathox seems more powerful and i’m in emerald :see_no_evil:
one shots my invaders now more than ever


Damage research is the .24? I would have assumed those research just boost normal attacks. Are they known to apply to all damage the dragon does?


I’m not 100% sure, but the consumable that boosts dragon attack definitely does apply to all damage, so I would assume the research does too.


Boosted and full gear, I pressume?


not boosted but geared yes. and 84% gear boost


I don’t have Pathox so can’t do any tests just working of the numbers given. Can I suggest the calcers try to run basics then work up as much as possible? Limit boosts and variables until the equation is 100% numbers match to visual data. Then add something and find out how it changed it step by step.

Mainly people are giving max boost they can throwing in all the variables and math crunchers getting numbers really close but not exact.

This is an interesting note to think about.


I rounded to 17%, so you are right on what I found as well. Something, dont know what, isnt calculating correctly. I’ll test BamBam’s formula to see if that is working for me when I get a chance today.

Also, I don’t think the attack consumables affect spells that use a % of HP. But that is easy to test, do one run without attack consumable and one with it, see if the numbers change or stay the same.


Oh you said both boosts seem to affect crippling chill damage. If so, that is messed up.

Not saying you got it wrong, but a spell’s damage shouldn’t get the benefit of your hp boosts further compounded by your attack boosts. Madness.


I tested that.

With the attack boost on, I do 2,436,457 damage with Crippling Chill.
With the attack boost off, I do 2,306,286 damage with Crippling Chill.

Looks like both apply. Best guess I have is that damage is calculated from HP, then acted on by damage boosts, but the math there doesn’t seem to work out right either.


Hmm. That’s quite strange. I’ll do some tests as well and see if I get the same results.


I’ve also got my first emerald egg cooking. I can speed it up, and level Pathox and see how the numbers change. I think I can get him up two levels, so I’ll check the damage at each level and see how the calculated damage compares to the real damage. And see if the real damage stays around 17% of modified HP.


With this being said then atk damage is somehow in Pathox Crippling Chill equation. Y’all need to start as naked as possible till exact numbers.


With my warriors test, atk buff did nothing to spell damage, only added 30% of base damage to modified flamethrower.


Include your research in the calcs too, you can’t unequip those unfortunately so it needs to be in there at least


Research is part of visual HP or Atk so is easily factored.


Pity we can’t unequip runes/glyphs. There’s no way I’m willing to salvage all those to test this.