Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


You’re talking the 20% Chill boost? Just have to be in there, naked as possible. Find someone without it equipped maybe? Lol if y’all got the mythic doubt anyone only got the partial branch.


It’s almost as if an overall spreadsheet with inputable numbers and parameter tweaking mechanisms would help out here. Too bad i’m busy at work today, have something tonight, and busy this weekend too.

Anyone else that knows spreadsheet mechanics (not just tables of number, actually how to do selection trees and buttons to select which part of the formula is actually effected by all the parameters) want to give it a shot?


This should be everything you need to be able to check it out. It might just be all in my head but more data never hurts I guess and I don’t math good lol. I was also a little off on boosts. Need to add a little more due to swanns plus 10% for attack and health.


Forgot to add that is with 30% boosts active. Might be helpful to know.


I don‘t understand this discussion. Pathox has been destroyed by a major PG fuck-up. Both Gunnar and Coatl are way more powerful against live bases now, so Pathox can be benched.
Discussing numbers here does not make things better at all. Maybe PG will eventually care to fix things for real, maybe not.
I guess I stop to care, PG has long ago it seems.


Just saying stuff is broke gives no help to getting it corrected. Also since they barely open the door to see what goes on inside we gotta figure all info out ourselves, notify them the exact issue, then hope for a fix.


Clearly this means Coatl is far too OP. Time to “fix” coatl


My Pathox with close to all maxed elite/legendary gear is a shit now
Literally one last reason which was holding me in this game and it can be thrown to the trash now.
Well done.
Meanwhile,my base which been killing Vanguards getting soloed by Destars​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
This update is totally fucked up!
I guess it’s time to drop and save my nerves and avoid dealing with never ending bs :v:t2:


At least its consistent at 17.14% of modified hp

Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job

You are right! And while we are at it, I was on-shotting MsMersy with Ryuu!

Many more nerfs needed, while some dragons are still viable.


I was under the impression I am the customer paying for a game, not a QA assitant helping to fix bad development work. Maybe I got this wrong.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


If PG would just give us the formula it would really help to get this figured out. Sad that we have to do all the work for them. No communication, no reply to my PM Arelyna asked me to send, nothing.


Off topic: How’d you get your own tag?

On topic: Some dragons got buffs that they needed while others got buffs that they didn’t need and vice versa with nerfs. PG tried to balance the game and it kinda worked a bit in favor of some dragons but not to all dragons.



Hey All!

We’ve seen a lot of questions regarding if Attack boosts are also affecting Crippling Chill along with the Health Boosts. Attack Boosts do factor into the formula that calculates freeze type spells, such as Ghostfire Blast, Earthquake, and Crippling Chill. More specifically, freeze type spells apply 1 basic attack’s (hunter fireball) worth of damage in addition to spell damage calculated from HP, meaning that anything boosting hunter basic attack damage will also increase freeze type spell damage. No other spells take attack boosts into account for their spell equations.


So, the damage is actually one hunter shot plus percentage base HP damage?


Modified atk (one shot) + (modified HP x percentage x (1 + total rune bonus)) ?




Sand does :nerd_face: but thank you for the confirmation on freeze!


That’s news. Though looking back I can see two ticks of damage going off occasionally during the spell.


Bro Pathox is easy to kill if u have a short base with high lvl towers. Long bases with lower lvl towers will fall. Towers hp is everything. Just build your towers up higher and spam hammers till he uncloaks and he is finished. Using a legendary or mythic warrior on your perch will boost tower hp by 15%. Equip a rider with her that boosts tower hp. I’m lvl 245 and my base has taken down a harbinger Pathox double defended. So I’m sorry to disagree with you but that’s how you kill him. There’s videos on you tube just search for anti Pathox base or something like that they will tell you the same thing I just did but in more detail than I can here. Hope that helps.