Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


Cuz, yeah, it’s perfectly balanced for a lvl 245’s base to smoke an expert Vanguard mythic. :roll_eyes:

edit: he said Harbinger :man_facepalming:


So Sand’s description above is not atk power but atk of one shot, cool, thanks for clarifying.


He didn’t say expert or vanguard, he said Harbinger. It very well could have been a first tier Harbinger which yes, a properly geared, leveled and defended 245 base could drop, and should.


My apologies, I missed the harbinger part.


Just to clarify: normally one hunter fireball is 1/2 of the displayed DPS, but for pathox, because of his passive, his normal fireball does 20% of his total DPS more than that. Does the spell include the actual damage of 1 fireball, or 1/2 of displayed DPS?


With this new info from @Arelyna, I believe I have it figured out.
Modified DPS÷2=1 ammo shot
Modified HP×.095×1.2=spell damage from HP
Spell damage from HP+1 ammo shot=ACTUAL spell damage

Note: If you are using attack consumables, they do not display in your modified DPS, so either take them off to test this, or to find your total DPS including it, take base DPS×(1+research+rider/gear+runes+consumable)= total DPS. You cant just multiply displayed DPS by 1.3.

Add on: After some testing, it looks like you need at least 45% HP boost to “break even” with the 9.5% spell damage. Anything less than that, and the spell does less damage than before scaling. Above that, the spell does more damage now. So with 21% from research and a 30% consumable, his spell should do slightly more damage, add in some decent gear and it’s definitely doing more damage. Feel free to run your own tests against my math, see if it works.


Skill or the lack thereof plays a HUGE part in this game. I also had a lvl 14 rusher which further boosts def. the best advice I can give is to build up not out. Tower lvl and rider gear as well as runes plays a huge part. Make sure u have a lvl ten legendary shield for your defence rider. Remember tower hp is most important not number of towers.


Forget about Pathox, I’ve seen hausset take out or set up for ember finish (speaking of which there’s videos showing ember or enki destroying lvl 300-500 xp bases maybe we should nerf those dragons too :thinking:) maxed defended bases in war attacks. never mind mid lvl bases time and time again. When I’m defending a war attack I’m not concerned with Pathox but if I see someone pull out hausset that’s when I begin to worry. Hausset is a killer. And there is no way to stop him if the player flying him knows what they are doing. Which is my main point. The game is about skill. If you take that away that is what will make players quit the game. Sorry I meant this for the op.


That’s how I’ve been testing scenarios but none have come close enough to decide it was correct

The closest I’ve seen applied the glyph to base stats but error was too high to be what is going on.

I’ve tried using a lot of variables. I think I need to try changing variables to see variation. But the numbers don’t seem right.


Likely becaus the answer highlights either something they don’t want us to see, or they don’t know what’s going on etc.

One thing I think I’ve rules out is that some other research is somehow in play, either for the defending base or the attacker.

I’ve done all my testing making sure no wind perches or totems are impacting my results.


This explains how corth was increasing with attack damage rider buffs pre change.

Hmm. I’ll have to rerun the numbers now.


What a novel concept! I wasn’t aware that dragons die if they don’t have rage! Good thing white cloak doesn’t exist or else, wait…


@EidolonRM post 427, Lee has it.


Holy shit that’s NUTS


Thanks I found it, and found it won’t let you be the last 3 posts in a row.

I’ll see if it works for me. That’s about the only thing I didn’t try.


I called that a long time ago Crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, 3 days ago over on Spell Scaling thread.

Lol, if I’m the bottom I’ll just edit instead of make a new.


I wonder if a Sorc would add the damage of 1 of its 3 fireballs from basic attack? Or all 3? How would the damage be added from a Warrior?


Spectral form requires rage, or did you forget that when you were too busy with the sarcasm?


…but Pathox shouldn’t get rage drained because of the white cloak. Ice Flak can catch some unsuspecting fliers sometimes though.


It can happen if Pathox were to be flown by a person who thinks they don’t need to cloak to get through rage drain


I’ve drained plenty of pathoxs cos their owners can’t fly.