Patients and understanding

Anyone else sick of receivingp this trite hollow platitude?


I’m tired of it, yes.

And we haven’t really seen any PG employees giving us status updates.

PG, you have a PR fail on your hands…

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Are you a doctor or something to be receiving patients? :upside_down_face:

Definitely a rough stretch for PG in regards to things going wrong, which we have to remember: they don’t want bad things to happen, as it affects them as a company and it affects them to a varying degree because players aren’t happy with their product that they’ve worked on. How much of it could have been prevented is something I want to know, but I suspect we won’t get to know.


Lol don’t you just love auto spell check :joy:


If you look around the forums I believe this to be self explanatory :joy::joy:

this is just from the last release… i would be sacked at work if my performance was like this. 2019 the year of PG happiness…

1 - Quests not Counting

We sincerely apologize that your Team Quests have not been progressing. This should only be a temporary issue, but we will still be looking into and investigating why some players are still unable to progress in certain quests.

2 - Unable to Attack PvE Isles due to Banned/Inactive Status

During the start of the event’s battle phase, we detected an issue where players were unable to attack PvE Isles due to a Banned/Inactive error. The team is still looking into this issue and hopefully getting this fixed in no time. In the meantime, kindly note that these attacks do not consume your Energy, Megacoins, or consumables, so rest assured that they will be returned to your inventory.

3 - Crashing during Event Attacks

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The team has determined that this should only be intermittent and we’re still investigating the cause of this issue. Kindly look forward to announcements and in-game mail addressing this in the near future.

4 - Delayed Event Points

Please note that this is a temporary issue caused by a delay. If you’re unable to view or go past the Battle Results page, simply force close and restart the game should show them after revisiting the Event Page. Your points should be shown to increase once given the time to catch up.

5 - Sigils Lost After Claiming Seasonal Rewards

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly respond back to us letting us know how many sigils are missing, and we will get that resolved for you as soon as an agent is available to handle your concern.

6 - Compensation for Chat/Banner Issues

The Support Team will be unable to assist you with your request as the team is currently working on determining global compensation for this issue. Once they have determined the best course of action, players will receive it in their game as a claimable chest that needs to be claimed similar to Team Prizes.

7 - Stuck in loading when trying to attack and island

The team is already aware of this issue. In the meantime, please try and force restart your game then attack again. The team is doing their best to have this issue fixed at the soonest.

8 - PvP Islands Showing the Same HP

We’ve alerted the team regarding this visual issue. Continue on attacking the enemy’s island until it reaches 0 HP.

9 - Stuck at 90% loading screen after battles

10 - Base boost pay for 13 weeks and only get 9 weeks

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When you put it like that dazza… it isn’t a good look for PG!

This game probably, no, definitely has, by far, the most bugs and glitches of any game I have played or heard of. Then you also have the shop where you get the worst deals I have ever seen ( and also, have you ever tapped on the button to get more egg tokens? It’s horrible).

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I love the game, but I hate the customer service😬
Without any doubt, it’s despicable!
If this business was a restaurant, Health department would’ve closed it long time ago!

In my book:
Good product + :poop: customer service = OK!
Bad product + great customer service = still OK!
Awesome product + Awesome customer service = Apple and Chick Fil-A
Glitchy product + horrible customer service = :man_facepalming:t2:

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