Pause - Button for the Dragon's den?

Hey there!
You know the “Dragon’s den”? Where you can see in a deeper Look your beautiful dragons?
Well, when you enter it, the camera view rotates automatically after some time.
That doesn’t seem like a problem at first because you can stop it when you hold your finger on the screen, but that’s it, when you take your finger away it rotates again.
So my suggestion is to make like a Stop-Button or something like that to hold still even when you don’t touch it.
I like to draw some of the dragons or just seeing a part of them in detail.
It’s actually small feature and wouldn’t change the game at all, but it would make a nice little difference so it wouldn’t be that annoying.
Maybe this feature is already there and I just didn’t find it so yeah, would be nice if you told me.

Do you agree, disagree or do you have another Ideas?


Definitely not even close to the list of things the staff should focus on.

Edit: Also… screenshot it? That’s what I do when I draw the dragons.


Yeah… no. Appreciate the thought, but there is much bigger concerns that they should focus on
If the game wasn’t complete shit in its current state, and we had the time to focus on minor details in the game, I would be all for it. But we don’t. The major components of this game have so many problems that need to be fixed so until then I would personally like to see them focus on the major problems.

I wouldn’t agree with it even if the game was in spotless condition, as a work-around already exists. Just screenshot the dragon from the angles you need. This is not a necessary feature at all.

Well, alright…
Was just a suggestion anyway and I thought that wasn’t that difficult but yeah.
Next time maybe

That isn’t as easy as you say if it rotates.
My game crashes always when I try to do it so yeah…

Make it stop rotating… screenshot. I’ve never heard of screenshots making a device crash.

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The dragon gods invented camera apps for a reason. Definitely not something they need to spend any time changing

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Wow. Let’s just shoot down every suggestion with harsh criticism. Yes, I get it, the game is almost unplayable in its current state but holy crap batman.


As a workaround, use a screenrecorder, then you get multiple angles and can take the stills you need?

Not the worst idea though, pretty unobjectionable honestly.


Kind of necessary considering how PG loves to grant little things like this to try and take our minds off the massively broken stuff. Timer economy is totally screwed? Hey, we switched the transfer troops button from the right side to the left side. Can’t even load atlas because our servers are so overloaded? Guys, we just added a button to toggle between riders and your dragons.

I love that dragon/rider toggle button! So we should just stop suggesting simple little things we’d like until the the heavy bleeding is triaged? That seems like a decent way to reduce our chances of ever getting anything.


Not really. What is happening is misplaced anger getting directed towards another player instead of being directed at PG.


I like it too, but would I rather have that over a timer fix? No, not remotely. I feel like those little convenience fixes are distractions more than anything.

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Ok thank you for the Tipps I guess…?

Jeez dude, it was just a little idea and sorry that I apparently just offended you with my post.
Oh and I think PG can distinguish their priorities and don’t need a parent to tell them what to do.


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This is what I do if I own the dragon :upside_down_face:

Your game crashing is a separate issue. For taking the SS and getting the angle you want, taping the screen ceases the rotation for a moment.

Hold your device to you can touch the screen and take the SS. Move your finger to the desired angle and SS away.

I am not arguing with you on your suggestion but the suggesting Fox made does not seem that complicated.

Edit; The OP’s request probably fits well in the QoL thread. That is an official PG thread.