Pay to just play?

Paying to manage my game??? Look I know there are some loyal big spenders playing that probably have no issue with the way things are nor would appreciate what I’m about to say. I also believe that I am not the first or only one to bring this up. I get the aim is to make a buck. I don’t have an issue with there being a price tag to some things. But could we just look for a second at what you are currently charging us for to play?

Rubies: I use the game currency to purchase items I want to get a head start on accomplishing. That makes sense to me. So why do I have to use it to do mundane tasks such as just manage my roster or base? i.e. unequip runes I earned, transfer XP I earned, or even simply change my name I want to be identified by? You know it seems Petty but I’ve been harassed by a much higher level player who apparently bookmarked my base and just continued to destroy me relentlessly. I paid 20 rubies (I know it seems trifle but again could have gone towards something else) to change my name in hopes he would lose track of my base. Why is it necessary to pay to simply manage how I play? What’s the point in earning anything, we should just buy XP and runes period.

Game Store: The event I realized this was shady was fortification frenzy. I was considering spending 4.99 on a construction pack. However a closer look into what I was actually spending real currency (that real humans rob and kill each other over) on was kind of ridiculous. 975 rubies (your just going to make me use to change my game name, transfer points I won in Battle, or to unequip runes I might not have used correctly because I’m a novice player); Three (yeah just three) 3-hour speedups; and two lumber packs. Now, call me crazy but in reality I’m buying nothing at all. In the game I would think a “construction pack” would help more than a level one player. Those speed ups wouldn’t be worth upgrading one building at my current level (47) or make a dent in time if I were any higher. It just doesn’t make sense how items that are to be SOLD FOR REAL DOLLARS doesn’t really get you anything at all. But then have the audacity to put the message on the loading screen “our developers work hard, please support by buying an item pack”…Really? Well guess what developers, the people that love to play your game also work hard and would maybe also want some support by getting something for what they spend.

Now I love this game and I didn’t take time out to simply just go on a diatribe about my issues. I have some suggestions that I’m sure aren’t new but maybe if one more person makes the effort something can be done (America right?)

  1. Change the store. Sell more apropos packs (construction pack should make me feel like a real estate developer of my base) or let us buy items individually…at reasonable prices. Vary the packages more. Sometimes I just need the evolution Stone and not all that other crap that comes with it that I assume makes it worth $99.99 of REAL MONEY.

  2. Let us “play the game”. Let us tinker around with runes and dragon XP that we earn without being penalized with our earned rubies. The best part about playing these games (coming from an old school gamer) is getting to actually play and learn and “get good” at it. Let those who want to be impatient and build up to a level 300 in three months pay as they have been, but let the rest of your gamers do what ultimately brings you success… Play an enjoyable game that we will be sure to tell others about.

  3. Don’t make the game free. I mean we have to pay for an elite account which is fine but if making these type changes I and others suggest is not worth catering to us who don’t wish to Max a credit card on your game, then stop promoting it as free and just charge to download from whatever app/play store people use.

  4. Don’t sell out. There is still light in you Pocket Gems I know it. The emperor hasn’t driven it from you fully. Boom Beach, Game of War, and so many others have succumbed to the temptation of just making a buck instead of just making an epic game that we will remember (Mario, Contra, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda). Keep it real! Keep this game and yourselves honest.

  5. Lastly, shit guys make a console or PC version of War Dragons. This game concept has limitless possibilities!

Thanks for reading, I hope this won’t get auto-archived into the lost forum messages without a first or second thought like everyone on the Apple Store reviews says will happen…

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Sorry but you sound confused about how a freemium game actually works right?

It comes down to is it worth it for me to spend $5, 50 or 100 for what I get.

I spend 5 a month on elite for one month plus a free month of elite. That’s it. In 3 months I’ve gone from level 0 to 57, and have 4 green legendaries and 2 divines.

I could move faster but if rather go have a nice dinner woth my wife 2 times a month instead of spending more for a pack here or there.

I know people who spend 1000 on an event without batting an eyelash because they feel the value is there for them.


Lol just don’t buy value packs. Get an iPhone or Android tablet or phone. Problem solved.

Spending is a choice
You can play for 2 years to get to 200 without spending

Or you can spend and get it in a few Months
Your choice😁

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I’ve decided not to spend any money on this game outside the elite account. Although, I’ll probably have weak moments and buy a value pack every 4 months or so…

When I compare to what I’ve spent and the quality of content I’ve received in return, it doesn’t compare to what I could have gotten from a console game.

As @mechengg pointed out, this is how the freenium marketing scheme works, and it’s probably in the interest of our credit card to resist it. Good luck! :joy:

hmm the problem about this game is that is a minigame, lots of people take it as more than that when is not, is just an addictive minigame and p2w makes sense. This game requires little to no skills, is more of a time game than anything else (the longer you play the bigger you become by default) thus p2w features are a must to make the most money out of this game.

However I do agree they could improve your money’s worth, but it dosn’t seem like they want to.

I don’t see an issue with making anti-abuse and harassment free of charge (I’m not sure PG wouldn’t offer a free name change if you submitted a ticket explaining) but complaining about costs is just a waste if Breath.

Free and cheap players live in the economy funded and ruled by paid players. Supply and demand exists but when you don’t contribute to the demand your control over the supply is also nothing.

How much should a virtual thing cost? The truth is the value is based on how much people who pay are willing to pay. If that prices you out then that’s just business. Everyone has a mental idea of who they think they deserve to be competitive with, but often it’s just false. Competition requires winners and losers and PG does a good job of making everyone feel like they are a winner.

Now certainly parts of the game below the top are not balanced/maintained correctly. But you shouldn’t expect to have unobtainium dragons or base level infinity unless you are the number one player in the game (including spenders)

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