Paying rubies to remove dragon runes

I’m sure this has been mentioned already, but why not make us able to pay rubies to remove runes from dragons and transfer to another dragon the same way that we can pay to remove runes from islands? Many of us end up with good runes on obsolete dragons. Now that Sage is nerfed I would love to move his epic rage glyph to Leos instead…

There are topics on this already. Please use the search function before making a duplicate topic :+1:

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Whoops, so there are. Thanks for that. Search works much better now than in the old forum.

Looks like none of the old topics ever got a direct response from PG so I doubt that they will implement the suggestion.

I wonder what the reasoning for not allowing dragon rune removal was in the first place.

No problem, and I’ve got no idea. I think it’s a feature that we need, too, but who knows what goes on in PG’s mind of reasoning :man_shrugging:

@TheRedDelilah, @ModMat, @Psarus please do your magic.