People being banned for using the forge


I don’t think people should be banned because of a mistake of the developer. Whoever used the forge with its errors, should not be banned. I mean ok, fix the problem but do not ban the users. Several users have been banned. This is not cheating… it’s using the game’s tools how they were built to be used. If i can do something in the game that mins that it is allowed right ? I mean it is written nowhere that we couldn’t use the forge in a way or another. So please everyone speak out and let’s solve this problem.


What problem are you referring too? My understanding was that the forge issue was resolved?


Yes it was solved, but they have banned a lot of people… including myself… and not inly my account, my device has been banned… that only because i have used the forge and it had a bug, now i’m banned for cheating reasons… that’s very frustrating…


If you think something is wrong with the forge, do you exploit it or report it? It is easy to know that there is something wrong if it is not doing what it is supposed to be doing.

One time doing that is okay since you just discovered it, but doing it for like 8 times or even more than 2 times is called exploiting it and pretty much asking for a ban.

Exploiting is under the same category as cheating but still, cheating is worse, but that doesnt mean that it is okay to exploit a feature.


I disagree ! Because if there is something wrong with the game features, they should fix that, not bann the users… i mean i did several super attacks and get no points no energy or rubbies back, never. Now they have solved that problem and gave me back anything, so why should i be banned now ? It’s not my fault if the game allows me to do a thing, how am i supposed to know that i shouldn’t and it can be done ? I was never notifyed, no one has ever said anything about that. And now after they fix the problem they ban thousands of users ? Even users who spent lots of money into this game ? Well i am sorry but that’s totally wrong…


They did fixed it, but there are those who abused it by crafting like 3 items at the same time which is not part of the function of the forge. Terms of service did say that not to attempt to exploit the service or any portion of the service unless permitted by PG themselves.

From what i know, pg didnt permit us player to keep om doing the said exploit.

For the super attack, i did an experiment and found out why it wasnt counting. If i have 3 energy or less the refill omly gives 16 energy but then lets me do the battle. I cancelled it and saw i have 19 energy which wasnt enough for a super attack. I got lucky that i saw that and i am only doing manual refil or do the 100 energy refill when i can


Banning people for exploiting a flaw which you know isn’t working as intended is common practice from what I have seen over decades of online gaming. You knew that the Forge was meant to craft one item at a time. That being said, I don’t agree with a permanent ban for the first time someone is caught doing something like this.


We dont know how many times those players used the exploit. I think they have a safe number like if they only did it 3 times, then they are safe, but if they did something like 20 times then that is intentional abuse of the exploit.

Most games gives a safe amount of exploit use and if they go beyond that, they are auto ban. Heck i did an exploit from another game 5 times where i can use a chest 5-10 times in a run where it should have been once. Didnt get ban, but i saw a lot of other player that got banned for using it like 30 times. Items you got from those chest were precious back in the day.

So if you abuse it then a perma ban is given or a temporary 30 year ban


Whether he used it 5 times or 100 times, it’s still (by assumption) his first time getting caught cheating. Some players might just be young, have never been in this situation and need to learn a lesson. A permanent ban seems like a harsh one. This coming from a player who is avidly against any form of cheating. I do, however, prefer to see cheaters receive harsh punishments over a gaming company turning a blind eye. I’ve warned players time and time again that just because a company hasn’t taken action against it, doesn’t mean they won’t. The ban hammer can be swift and merciless, best not to take chances.


Most people who got banned using the “forge glitch” were in fact changing their device clock to push forward items. I haven’t met a legitimate player who got banned for using the forge glitch.

Just my two cents.


First time doing it is already caught by the system. PG just didnt ban them yet since they might be focused on fixing it. They did say that every action we do are recorded so pretty much if you did it the first time, they already know it, its just wasnt your turn in getting investigated. Still, it is safe to just not do anything on a feature that you know isnt doing what it intends to do like multiple crafting and then add to what red mentioned like speeding up by clock manipulation.

Were pretty lucky that they are investigating ban cases. Other companies just ban you and reject any form of appeal even though it is a faulty ban.


Well here i am. I have never manipulated the clock… didn’t even knew about this… only used the forge glitch few times…


I think pg needs to address this topic because everyone needs to have some clarity on this subject, I spend a lot of money on this game and I would want an actual explanation. I would not support banning unless it is a repeated situation. I would be highly upset if banned with no clarification. I also do understand them saying that something doesn’t work within the parameters of what they deem appropriate but again with a discussion and a warning that going forward with behavior will not be tolerated. Not just a ban losing all the money you have spent in game . Take away all items from forge and fix the issue ever caught again then banned.


We actually only banned a handful of players who were:

Exploiting the game in a way that’s clearly cheating.
Exploiting to a dramatic amount.

If you did it once you probably weren’t banned. We were going after people who did it tons of times. There’s a certain point where they is no way to claim innocence or that you didn’t know it was an exploit. Some of these folks were doing it thousands of times.

Banning as the way of fixing the bugs!

So is this safe? I can forge like three items because there are three item slots. I had to spend gems to get the third. But it only pumps one item per slot and it takes hours to do depending on the item. Is this correct procedure? Is there an issue still?


I don’t fully agree with this. There was an instance where Fire turrets were able to be leveled up past the cap of Ice turrets because of some error in how the caps were placed on each tower and PG said that it would be fixed in the following weeks once the players had made it known that it was not right. I thought about leveling my Fire turrets up to take advantage of this error before it was fixed but decided not to. What about all the others who did and thus had an unfair, (and may i say) exploited advantage? I remember seeing other individuals who were lucky enough to take advantage of the time to get higher leveled fire turrets than possible, and i could do nothing but regret not leveling my own. I see these situations to be very similar and i hope that these people who exploited this glitch of the forge are let back into the game. Knowing they are being let back into the game should also let PG know that some of their data collected over fortification event progression and the likeness to be inaccurate and should open their eyes to mistakes in scalings if they did indeed scale to skewed data.


@LairdDuncan what you’re describing it correct. One item at a time in each slot.

@XxTrueOnexX that one wasn’t as much as a super obvious cheat. The forge thing totally is.


I thought crafting more than one item in forge was resolved months ago. Are players just now being banned for it or was there a more recent forge glitch that players are being banned for?

I do think it’s worth mentioning that some newer players may have been introduced to the forge crafting more than one item as being an intented mechanic. For example, I only started playing last season and was told how to craft more than one item in forge as if it was an intended mechanic. I assumed first two slots allowed an item to be crafted until there was a game message about a patch fixing the forge glitch which I didn’t know was a glitch. It doesn’t sound like players in that situation are being banned but I did think it worth mentioning in case additional players are being reviewed who only forged two items for a short time due to being new to the game and being introduced to the forge as if it was intended to function that way.


Well i wasn’t among the ones who exploited to a dramatic ammounts and yet still i am. But i repeat, even the ones that did, shouldn’t be permanently banned… as i said, the glitch was a problem that the developers should have solved bcs as long as the game allows you to do something and you are not warned, notifyed ecc. You shouldn’t be banned… people spent money and TIME for the game.


Everything in your statement is just perfect.

We actually only banned a handful of players who were: …
That’s just not true. There were a lot of players who were exploiting this bug, which are still playing.

If you did it once you probably weren’t banned.
“Probably”. I like that.

For me it looks like you just introduced kind of “anti-cheat” system one day ago, and only ban those, who were trying to exploit the Forge bug yesterday and later. Those who have use it for weeks (months?) but “got lucky” - haven’t checked it yet yesterday - they are “good players”. I don’t know, why is that - either you are afraid to lose much more players than you already did, or you just can’t track such players for sure. My assumption was that you store in the database every change for every player like “got 12h speed-up in Forge” etc, but looking at the dozens of bugs that are still in game - I really doubt that it was so.

So, if we have Player 1, who got 10000 items in Forge using bug, Player 2, who got 1000 items, and Player 3, who got 10 items, who WILL BE blocked? The one who tried bug starting from 1 day ago. Doesn’t matter, how much he did it already. Who SHOULD? Either NONE of them, or ALL of them. Be consistent - ban them all then, as you terms of conditions says. Or do not ban anyone, get your … developers together and fix such bugs. When you ban players - that can be done with respect. At least send them email, why they were banned. As I heard, the accounts are just stopped working without any prior notification. Those people spent hours in game, and many of them paid for that game, which allowed you to make it better (hopefully).

After all… The bug was introduced by YOUR developers, missed by YOUR quality assurance. Moreover, you KNOW about that bug, and who you blame? PLAYERS, who makes your game interesting and worth playing. Game has tons of bugs due to which players are losing resources and time - disconnects, incorrect energy calculation, lose of those energy in case of disconnect, inner fire works incorrectly sometimes, many times it was impossible to open season tab, or open tab with chests, and more, and more. Remember, most active players are PAYING for this. Instead of fixing all that mechanics, what was done? Game graphics redesign! After which it becomes almost impossible to play, keeping all bugs in place. Many players just had to stop playing because their devices accidentally became too weak to play, although there were no significant improvements at all. Pretty sure that most of players considered that bug as “compensation” for all those inconveniences. Now it looks like when you create issues for players - that’s fine and perfectly ok. When players create issues for you - you ban them. Logic at it’s finest.

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