People hunting to fill up our family :)

LFM – plat 4– 05forlife – level 60 or higher, but willing to take in newcomers as well


Language: English is preferred but other languages are welcomed, thats why there’s Google translate right?
Time Zone: we have members from all different time zones
Played time: at least have active status, if you apply and your low actively then you have a week to get to active
Age Range: 16+
Elite Account?: not needed, I mean I can’t tell you to spend money on a game


We’re looking for players that will maintain at least an active status, as well as take part in every war and event. If you can’t take part in a war or event for whatever reason, we ask that you message someone in leadership so you dont get spammed with reminders.
We also recommend having the LINE app, seeing thats where we share the new event, new season dragons, as well as just bull crap. If you dont have the LINE app then we recommend making sure your mention notifications are turned on in game as well as war reminders.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game or on the LINE app.

LINE username: soulstealer73 no capital letters like you would see in game.

Edit: title of the thread about 3 times, the 4th the level requirement, 5th and probably the rest of the edits from that point on is changing what league we’re in


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Do u guys get 8/8 in team achievement

Since we’re not completely full were not hitting 8/8. At most we get 4/8. If it requires 40+ teammates we can’t hit it cause were at 35

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Hopefully when the team fills up more we will reach 8/8 or at least 7/8, but right now that’s wishful thinking sadly.

I lied sometimes we get to 5/8 or 6/8. I forgot that 7/8 and 8/8 require 40+ people, on the account that I didn’t have my iPad to look at the team achievements when I made the comment

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What’s your team name


Still looking for active players. We’ll happily take newcomers to the game and help them grow.

Bumping this again. Sorry guys

No need to apologize :sunglasses:
Recruiting is difficult don’t give up :facepunch:



Slowly starting to fill up, steal a spot now while you can. We would love to have you!

Though after fort of course, its not fair to the other team to have them loose out on points :slight_smile:

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Still looking for people.

Soooo bump…again

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What are you waiting for slowpokes? Were still looking for players to join us in the 05forlife family. Maybe you might evolve to a slowbro or slowking. See what I did there with the gif and pokemon joke?



Still looking for players to join us after fight pit is over. We would love to have you!


Still looking for members. If us having atlas helps you join us, then we’re pirates cause we don’t have castles or are part of an alliance.

Come join us in 05! We would love you have you!

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Bumping this yet again. We got 10th place in fight pits, yes thats not 5th place or higher but its better than being in the bottom right? So come join us if you want to be part of the 05 family. Just either shoot myself or one of my officers and message in game if you have any questions.

Hell you can even do a week trial in our team to see if you like it and want to stay with us!

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Still have spots left so come join us! Don’t miss out cause we would love to have you!

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Bumping it. Still looking for members to join us. We do have atlas but we don’t have a castle or an alliance yet…so I think that makes us pirates? I don’t know im still lost in what makes a team a pirate team.

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I love your commitment to recruiting. Keep at it! :smiley: Also that does make you pirates :pirate_flag:


Thanks and noted.

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