People Who Like The Game Faction


I’m hoping this idea resonates with some. I’m not looking to put together anything as formal as the GPF or CF. I’m just aware that there are players here who genuinely like the game, and aren’t annoyed by every little decision that PG makes. I’m sure that this constitutes a minority, but perhaps we can all cluster together and see if we can’t work together to build some sort of in-game community.

The game has changed. Perhaps “evolved” is a better term. There ARE genuine issues with glitches, and progression rates, and a heap of other new-ish features that seem unfair to some. So be it. We’re still here, and we’re still playing. But more and more I feel frustrated with the HYSTERIA that arises online when PG hiccups. Every little decision is met with a WAVE of posts boycotting that, demanding this, etc.

When I started playing, I loved unlocking new dragons. I loved the player community that would share tips and tricks, and help you improve your base layout and flying tactics. I still see this…but its buried under a mountain of entitled casual players expecting to be able to jump from level 10 to 499 overnight and be accepted to a D1 team with atlas and 17 castles…

What happened to building a team? What happened to grinding our way to a better base and better dragons? What happened to actually playing the game, and not just buying our way to glory?

I’m not discrediting any player who has spent money on the game. I have spent money on the game…but there’s a difference between spending money for a little boost here and there, or to support the developers now and again, and relying on spending money to gain leaps and bounds. It’s the same as premature enlightenment…we end up with 300+ players who still don’t know how to play, who still have bad base layouts, who only have 10M medals, but who feel entitled to be heard by PG because of the money they have spent.

I apologize for the rant. But if you are a player who is active and actually enjoys the game, and who may be interested in joining some sort of in-game community of like-minded players committed to helping each other with recruiting, base/dragon/atlas strategy, etc…or just hanging out in game and bs’ing about life…then hit me up in game.

Cheers :beers:


I can appreciate your enthusiasm but it also correlates to how long you’ve been playing. Unless this is an alt, you’re under level 100 and you just haven’t been around long enough to understand the frustration with PG.

For me personally, I don’t complain because I enjoy it. It’s because there is something inherently wrong occurring and I wish to right it. If I didn’t really like, love, whatever this game…I wouldn’t still be here complaining.

I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for. Hopefully you find it.


I do however feel “entitled” to be heard by PG for a few reasons.

  • I’ve been playing this game longer than most of the employees have worked there

  • I believe I have a better understanding of the game than some of the employees because I actually play the game.

  • At the end of the day I am a customer with valid complaints.


This is now my main account. I’ve had others before. I’ve played for a few years now.

Also, this post is not targeted at anyone in particular. I think that was clear. Obviously (as stated) there are some legitimate issues in the game. But if you read through the PAGES of people screaming and demanding free this and that, whatever legitimate issues exist are getting lost in the noise.

I can appreciate where you’re coming from.


Again…not targeting anyone in particular. You feeling “entitled” because of time invested is different from the example that I gave. I’m referring to players who have been here for a much shorter period, but who have dropped money to advance and now feel that their opinions are more valid than those who have been here since 2015.

I think that you and I are actually more aligned than you think. I would like PG to address game play issues. I’m sure that progression rates need adjustment, and I’m sure there are very clear issues that need fixing.

What we DON’T need is white mage towers, a way to give atlas to bronze players, or whatever else is being demanded on the various threads right now as MUST FIX issues.


I’m not arguing, I’m just discussing. :rofl: I know I come across as being argumentative sometimes and my wife likes to point it out…constantly.


Lmao so someone that has been here for three years opinion is more valid than someone who has only been here a year? How is this even a thing? :joy:

Shouldn’t matter how long you’ve been here. An opinion is an opinion. Wow


I agree @HonorBringer - the forums aren’t fun anymore. They’re actually quite a bummer most of the time. And with all the idiots compianing and asking for silly things, a lot of valid points probably get lost in the flood of idiocy.

But I also agree with @Lx460 - we can’t sit idly by and let the game we love get run into the ground. People wouldn’t be so adamant if they didn’t care so much… and I think this fact is lost on PG…

Perhaps there could be a subsection for suggestions and compaints - gated by a test, so that only people with a certain level of demonstrable game knowledge and insight can complain - like a War Dragons IQ test :rofl:



Then there would be only a handful of people left on WDF (but it wasn’t me who said that!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or just nominate me for Chief Complainer. :man_shrugging:t2:


Actually there wasn’t an implication that either would be MORE valuable. I just objected to the ones who spent money but not time felt that way.

A man looking for injustice finds it. A man looking for understanding does, too. To each their own :man_shrugging:


That would be a good forum badge…


@Arelyna Can I have “Chief Complainer” title please?


There are a lot of contenders for that title, though admittedly quite a lot of your competition has been banned.


I disagree, I want it! If you get it I will sooo complain!


He can be Chief Complainer

You can be Chief Hater

Does that work?


Yes! I can live with that indeed :blush:


I wanna be the chief beer drinker :slight_smile:


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