Perch #2 Sync Error

Whenever I try to upgrade perch #2 (Riverwatch) I get a sync error, this does not happen to any other perch or tower, and it has persisted across all of my accounts. Airplane mode, uninstalls, force stops, and cache clears have all been tried to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Just upgraded mine, didn’t seem to have issues
Send ticket or tag Gal, though he’s busier than usual


I just upgraded my Perch 2 - no issues.

I use an android device - might be an iOS issue?

I do however receive lots of sync errors on lots of different things. I believe a sync error occurs when your device is presenting data to the server that the server disagrees with.

This happens when packets of data between your device get lost or corrupted and they haven’t been verified by the other side.

I.e. your device reckons your perch is L100 but server reckons it is still L99.

Your display shows it as 99 because it is waiting for server to confirm that it can now display 100.

The device doesn’t seem to have a way to remediate these issues ever. Its like an argument between wife and husband - neither side will accept that they are wrong and progress will not be made.

Only thing that ever worked for me was uninstalling the game and loading a fresh copy.

You will then have a perch at the level as per your wife. Err… I mean server.

Make sure you know your pocket ID, have access to your email and you know your password.

Good luck!!

P.S - Uninstalling wife is not recommended. This could cause other issues.


I never saw that before, thats sucks :cold_sweat::grimacing:

Send a ticket! That’s the quickest way to get help and log an issue. Let me know if they don’t answer you in a few days or so.


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