Perch and atlas


I notice another day, while defending. My base perch didn’t showed up.
Is that intended by PG, that perch will cease to exist? If so, what will be done with all the speeds we spent on it? Specially considering it take some more speeds than regular towers.


This is because of the new map UI in Atlas I suppose?
I think for PvP they should go back to the normal base UI and only use and tweak the new Atlas base UI for Poachers and Mines.
There is way too much wrong with the new UI to use it for PvP such as tower spots (positions and vertical raises), spell bugs with the UI, walls blocking attacks, monuments not working with Healing Mark, some are not attackable by sorcerers and as @ImmortalVoid just pointed out the perches seem to have disappeared.


I reported this somewhere in my bug thread as well, hopefully they will peek at it at some point


The new map supports perches, but I don’t think the server realizes that and so isn’t sending them (or at least that is my hypothesis). It is important that they be in there, so I’m going to check today and see if this hypothesis is correct … if so, we can get perches back in there shortly.

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Thank you :blush:


And we need the monuments to work to apply Healing Marks or rage mark too. Those are the vital points in normal bases we use to revive our dragon


What is the status for rider xp on perches? I thought that was going to get fixed w 3.71? I.e., that riders on perches would gain xp when attacked. Currently still have to equip on a drag and attack to get xp…


Hmm my rider has levelled >30 levels on perch.


Hmmm, i just looked again and it seems to be counting now… Thanks to whomever fixed it! :pray:


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