Perch and riders?

I have Apophet on one of my perches. I like the Mythic bonuses for the perch but what exactly is discount supershots? Like a supershot only uses half of a normal bar? Idk?

Also would it even be worth putting Kayla on the perch too? Like would it up his attack power for perch or do anything special at all?
I was going to use her to swap out for extra Xp & Breeders to level faster…But if she brings AP or anything extra I’d almost prefer on the perch too?

Click on the symbol to get more details. (Both on the perch dragon page as well as the choose dragon screen)

Not sure if the attack power increase helps the attack on perch, but likely not enough to matter.

You can craft (if you have atlas) and equip defense armor for Kayla

Here is a screenshot of kinnarus which has discount supershot (when I click the icon for more info)

Why does it not say discount supershot under Kinnarus?

And that’s what it must be refunds it in 25% the time…

It does. The yellow advanced stat under the orange one. Are you having the photo clipped? Zoom in and scroll?

As far as I know that one always means that, but they don’t always work that way. For example if you see warded towers there are multiple types of warded towers and you have to click to see the details for it.

Nvm I see it when I click in

Yep :+1:

How much did it take up the AP with rider on there! Was it anything at all?

And no unfortunately I don’t have Atlas :pensive:

Did your Kinn always have the ‘mythic’ bonus? Mine has never had it and none of the other non-mythic divines that I have show the bonus … is it possible it’s a result of adding Kayla?

I can’t speak for the perches but on the dragon roster it didn’t always say mythic. I believe you can raise their attack power with runes to get it to cross the line. Not really sure how that all works. I’ve seen mention of it before, but never really looked into it. Merkt shows legendary but should be mythic. (Probably because his level)

I’m not sure I threw it on before perchig. I’ll see if I can take it off for you.

EDIT: Removed it and there was no change. Also on the rider tab the stats were grayed out including the attack one with a button that stated those stats did not apply except when attacking a base.

Kinn gets mythic status, when almost Expert Level is reached. Iirc, only the last two levels, it shows Mythic. Mine is Expert, sitting on the perch with all mythic bonuses applied.


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