Perch Boost From Invokers

Can PG make a new perch boost for Invokers? I am underwhelmed by Naja and I find it relatively useless, except for invaders and a few egg token runs where players don’t defend much. For such a difficult drag to get, it’s mediocre. A boost from perch may make it somehow useful.

No offense but it is the flyer not the dragon in the case of Naja. Naja is a very great dragon if you can fly it correctly, it is by far one of the easiest dragons to fly.


It’s way easier to use than Narlyth or noctarn.
Naja is a really powerful dragon just really really slow so for atlas I still use narlyth for everything

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Is this a troll?

Naja is far from what you describe. Probably you mistakenly label Danav as Naja.

It is Naja I am referring. Well can’t fly it might as well perch it, if PG gives them a good perch boost in future.

Disagree, this dragon requires understanding of the invoker spells and timing each one as well as being able to toggle the shield on and off in the blink of an eye. You also have to be really good with a 3 tap shot and then placing the 4th shot in a position to kill multiple towers. It might be easy for an invoker but it is not an easy dragon to fly.

Also this dragons greatness is dependent on runes. If you have other invokers and are able to move mythic/legendary runes to Naja, you have a great dragon…if you only have the 3 runes from its line…then you have a good dragon.

Not saying invokers need to be benched and have a perch ability. Just saying I understand where the OP is coming from. I have Naja, first invoker ever…its maxed and has max elite gear, but I have only the three runes it comes with…its not good when i hit L100 towers on a legit base…even if its not defended.

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Mate Naja is the best dragon in game currently, except maybe Mordred but I’ve not seen them compared

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Naja is a very powerful dragon, she just requires practice and ice flaks can be tough. However if flown right then she can be unstoppable

PG basically said they dont want people perching their new dragon class so I wouldnt expect a perch skill for a while

What I hate though in Atlas environment is the fact that PG changed the setup of the crossing wall at the turn and with Naja in a defended situation you risk to forget the wall up and you are fucked the moment you face the island 5.

What you just said is blasphemy naja is beast

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Him making the comment about naja is like saying morack is garbage

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I find Naja to be one of the more powerful dragons on an undefended base. Granted I am still learning the timings so have a hit or miss success rate but this makes it fun and a challenging dragon to fly.

I am not sure how well it would fare with competent defenders but am sure will find out.

Overall I am happy with its performance until its nerfed :wink:.

I am still hoping for it. Naja goes to perch if boosts are good, runes be free for other drags to use.

This must be a troll, Naja is actually one of the best 3 dragons in the game :face_with_monocle:

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I disagree here, Naja takes quit some skill and knowledge, more than Noc or Narl.

What are the other 2?

I don’t disagree with Naja being a great dragon…but it requires the proper runes from other invokers. If you only have the 3 Runes because this is your first ever invoker…its a decent dragon but not great.

Rage runes? Ever heared of them? Other 2 are Mordred and Noc.

Mytic Rage, his legendary as runes. His Mytic, another mytic rage as glyph. That leaves 1 spot open if your first invoker. Either add a legendary rage or Nollaigs HP glyph and all is set. :man_shrugging:

Best drag dropping fast. Useful for what? Invaders? Same tier pvp enemies? No need for divine mythic for that. Atlas? You be wiped before you are done with your attack. Well maybe I am, or those i defended against were lousy fliers.

And when faced using a invoker it’s so hard smh