Perch Buff Reduction

I understand that your perch level affects the percentage of the buff you receive from a perched dragon or rider, starting at a 50% reduction at level 1 and dropping to 0% at level 30. Does anyone know those percentages by level? Since it will affect the new defense rider buffs on all his stats, I am trying to determine if I should be thinking about leveling up my perch further to help with the rider buff at the expense of possibly leveling up too much for my defense tower strength.
I checked the forums and various guide sites and can’t find this particular data.
For example, on this level 12 perch, buff effectiveness is reduced by 30%. If I upgrade to level 13, it drops to 28% buff reduction.

Another question is, does the buff reduction work off your highest level perch? All of my perches currently show the same buff reduction percentage in the upgrade screen. but they are different levels.

My perch is lvl 27. Buff is reduced to 95%.


From what I hear and see it’s lineair to level zero. So the reduction is 50% / 30 = 1.667% for each missing level.

For example a level 12 perch is missing 18 levels (30 - 12 = 18). So it would lose 18 * 1.667% = 30% of the bonus. At level 13 it would be 28.333% (rounded to 28% by the game).

edit: my numbers didn’t match your screenshot, updated my theory :sunglasses:

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That might be it; it matches the few data points I was able to collect so far.

Now to determine whether it is worth getting a perch to 30 for full advantage… For me, my big perch is level 18 now, to get it to 31 for Sapphire dragons and 0% reduction would add 246k XP, or 6 levels. Seems like a lot of levels that could be better used to keep my kill island maxed out, versus a 22% increase in buffs on the perch rider.

Id say no. Rage drain is more effective than a perch until you are well into the 300’s IMO.

Even my perch that has all legendary gear i am considering getting rid of.

I’m guessing the build time discount from the new rider makes up for it quickly, if I had the pearls I certainly would push my perch to 31 immediately (well, as soon as the event started).

(edit assuming Seagazer perch, not a second Riverwatch one)

Ah good point. Yes the back perch should have a defensive rider for the build time discount…

Seagazer is the perch I would work on, and concentrate on HP buff for farms and construction reduction. Agree that rage drain is better off without a perch to anchor rage build.

does this reduction also affect buffs like construction oder research time?

According to those in the know, it does:

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My alt has Atlas, and it definitely affects the construction buff for the defensive rider there. Max is 12% construction reduction, and with a level 12 perch, he only gets 8.4% reduction.due to a 30% reduction in all his buffs.I have to assume the Seasonal rider would be the same.
Edit - I put Seasonal rider Tor on my perch dragon. His 8% buffs to HP and attack, while not usable as a perch dragon, show a reduction to 6.4%, which is exactly the 20% reduction in buff I should have at that level.

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It’s definitely not a simple scaling.
Edit: I was too lazy :confused:
You are right, its simple scaling. Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s not? Do you have an example of a perch that does not follow the basic scaling I guessed at?

I could be wrong but I think the buff reduction has nothing to do with your perch level itself, but where it is in line with your base level.

Meaning if it is not maxed or near max for your level I expect you get less benefit.

You’re mistaken.

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This seems extremely unlikely. So far every perch I’ve seen followed the same simple formula across big level difference. I’ve yet to see a single screenshot of a perch not matching it.

Imo, if you have sapphire dragons, you want your perch to have a sapphire mythic. The additional benefit of the Mythic dragon is just too big to pass up.

My guess is that for most players, the pearls will be the checkpoint.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about additional levels or experience here. The. Benefit of a fully leveled rider with a mythic dragon is simply huge.

That is just a personal recommendation based on my own experience. Take it fwiw. :+1:

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Do you care to explain beyond the simple statement I am mistaken? Maybe you can bring clarity if you actually know the mechanics behind this.

The mechanics are that it is a progression from level 1 to level 30. It appears that for every level below 30 the perch is, regardless of player level, that any buffs the perched dragon and rider give is reduced by 1.66%.

My level 18 perch is, therefore, 12 levels from level 30. 12 x 1.66% is 19.92%, rounded to 20%, which is what my perch reduction shows -20%. If you look at the screenshots I posted above, my 8% attack and HP bonus is reduced to 6.4%, or a 20% reduction, when the rider is put on that level 18 perch. I have verified these numbers with several members of my team as well as my alt and it seems to line up perfectly using that formula.

Maybe read this thread?
Maybe search “level 30 perch”?
I just find it really bazzare you come into a thread discussing the amount buffs are reduced by perches lower than 30 and suggest, with no evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that everyone in this thread is wrong.

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