Perch dragons dragons

Do runes have any impact of perch dragons.
If I add runes to the perch dragon to increase attack power will it do more damage on perch?

Same with rider (Not defensive riders) does increasing attack power of dragon have any impact on perch?
Or is it all based off class, level, tier, etc?

I would love an answer on this anyone know ??

I figured it out :+1: @Direwolfghost

No, runes have no kind of impact on perch dragons neither does the attack power…You can increase the attack power with runes/riders by millions & it Will have zero impact on dragon on perch.

Of course defensive riders help they provide the boosts to bases/towers.
But even adding a defensive rider doesn’t increase attack power of perch dragon.
It’s all just based off Tier & Level of that dragon.

somehow on perch, a lvl 28 danzig has higher damage than a lvl 28 ettin

that is the one thing I didn’t check if the class had any impact on the attack power.
I’m guessing if this is true and both were level 28
Then warriors must have a slight increase in attack power on perch then Hunters

Obviously the different classes give different boost but I wasn’t aware class had any impact of the attack power @Dawncrayon

For Perch, Warrior deals the most damage.
(I wonder why @Sandberg doesn’t put this info)

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Which is odd because Hunters give the attack power boosts lol
They should have more HP on perch like the boosts they provide.

that is convinient, give extra health and higher damage.
is there a reason it isnt equal damage?

Becuause i dont have much time :slight_smile:


It’s also strange that moonfang gives me more boost than Keth ? Doesn’t make sense to me but hey I would rather sacrifice moon to the perch anyway

Thanks I didn’t think they did but just wanted to be sure

@OrcaFrost … I added the info for dragon classes now, for perches.


Thank you Sandberg!

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