Perch dragons status


What is the progress with perch dragons?Mine still causes a sync error whenever I try to use it so it’s worthless right now. Is a fix coming?


Are you talking about a rider on the perch?


Yes he is @TheRedDelilah

Unfortunately they’re buggy as hell. (Just replied to get my mention badge tbh) :see_no_evil::joy:


You little badge grabber @XxSPOOKYxX lol. It’s good to have clarity that the RIDER on the perch is buggy, not the dragon itself.


Same here @XxSPOOKYxX


@TheRedDelilah I’m wondering the same thing too :smiley:


I was having the same sync error. Worked around it by stripping the dragon, then assigning the dragon to the perch during the 1 hour “binding” period. This was before the patch, and I don’t dare touch it again.


Thanks I will try it and see so far you’ve been way more help than support hopefully it works


Atops you’re the best can you please go to PG and help them out …I did what you suggested and so far no sync error. Thank so much wish I would have known three weeks ago.


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