Perch experience


Is there any reason why the perch is no longer lvling my dragons? Every day, the xp gains from the previous day are reverted and there is no progress.

Leveling dragons on perch

I thought so too a while back but it is a visual thing. It is still gaining xp but as you get closer to level up it looks full, but isnt yet.

I am guessing your dragon is close to leveling up? That is when it becomes more noticeable from my experience.


The amount the bar extends each day visually is much more than it should be given the actual amount of xp earned. Look at the bar again after the orange/yellow bit becomes green and u will see what I mean.


I noticed that, too, with one that just leveled. It looked like the next day it would fill, but then that next day it still showed it needed twice as much as I thought. Like it drills down closer to show you how much is really left each day. It ended up taking almost 5 days longer than I thought it would to level.


I messaged support about it once, becuase my tarand has never leveled up and he has been on my perch for weeks…never leveled up once. Would be nice if it was fixed. It might work for some dragons, and doesn’t work on others. I don’t know.


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