Perch healing mark issue

Hi again. When I go to place a healing mark on the top left tower right by the perch (on the lighthouse island) it ALWAYS marks the perch instead. It messes me up when I kill that tower and don’t get the healing. Is this an issue or do I just have really bad aim?

It’s an “issue.”

Edit: Aim for the bottom right of the tower

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I’ve noticed this happening for awhile now too, ever since Snowdrop was released and I finally had an HM dragon to use often. It’s definitely not just you. I don’t have enough dragons with healing mark at the moment to test it out, but perhaps aiming a bit farther to the right than you usually would have to might do the trick.

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It seems to be the way it works. There are several places where if you aim healing mark at one tower, it lands on something else. So far I have just put up with it. It definitely would be nice if they fixed it, though.

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@DerangedSkrill @Ebony @CheekyGrinch Thanks guys, glad to know it’s not just me. I’ll work on aiming more to the right :+1:

It really would be nice, because during wars especially with Avyx being able to aim the mark on one of the back towers and get some health as a buffer for other incoming damage would be great instead of forgetting and having to waste rage cloaking or lose green health.

I have the issue with that island, and I use Ettin and Consurgens quite a lot these days.

So aim below the tower, and you will be fine.

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