Perch Question "Buff on this rider has reduced to 98.3%...."

Hey guys
Does anyone know what the text means? Thx u

It means what it says:
“Keep upgrading perch to level 30 to get full buff”.


What stat is debuffed? Just curious if it’s the +25% HP buff that warriors give, or if it includes gear and construction figures as well.

Since you still get 98% of the buff, it almost sounds like having a level 1 perch is pretty fantastic. I thought it scaled differently than this.

Yeah that is a L2 rider, not L2 perch with Kaiju :see_no_evil:

Gear stats and rider stats are debuffed.

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Emh, the warrior gives only +15%.


If your perch is under level 30 you get a reduced percentage of the various effects they provide. Level 30 and above gives you the full stat.

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thx u :blush:

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