Perch questions

First for the kill island…

I have previously liked a Mythic Sorc on it because of the improved Ice Shields, longer Flak stuns & supershots.

But instead was thinking Icicle might be a good perch dragon for a kill island because of the increased attack…But it also says 2 x20% attack what is that?
Right after the attack bonus.
My perch on kill island is only level 36/37 so Mythic Garnet is about the highest dragon that can be put on Atm.

Last question On other perch island I have my farms and have been just keeping a Garnet Warrior on it but instead of the higher attack power I was thinking it would probably be better to put Maheaten…It would be less attack power but I’m not worried about that… It should make farms a lot stronger…It does the regular Hp bonus but it also says 2 x Ward 25% Hp bonus?
Honestly I’m not sure what’s that means lol ?

I think it means it gives the extra benefit to 2 random towers

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Oh ok that would make sense!

So every farm will get the 15% & then just 2 random ones will get the extra 20-25%
Is it completely random each attack, do you know?

So if I watch replays and see which ones get the more HP do you know if it’ll be those 2 every time or the towers in those 2 spots every time?

My luck the damn mages would get the extra attack on my kill island :roll_eyes:

Hey, those mages might kill a L1 Ember, which is Public Enemy #1.


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I’m pretty sure it’s random every attack… it’s easier to see when people have the wards showing up on random towers

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