Perch request 🙏

Could we have more time added on to feed time?? Like fed for 8-10 hrs, or 12 hrs even? It would be nice to have it last through sleep time…Especially my kill island with defensive rider.

the food is only increase the damage of the dragon, what up with the rider?


Just stating which island I really would love it extended on. Rider just helps make it even stronger, that’s all. Nothing to do with extended feed time.

No thank you. This will negatively impact those who don’t starve their dragons but still want points during the feeding event.


Same amount of feed, whether you wait for 6 hrs to end to add more food, or feed it the extra hours added onto original 6, ahead of time.


I agree :+1::+1::+1:


I agree with you LadyHawk the 6 hours is laughable. When you boost the island for 36 hours, you hesitate with the perch only because you know that you won’t be back in time to do the perch again.

I would not say laughable since this is just a silly game. It is inconvenient for sure.

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