Perch Resistances Update

Hi all, thanks to you all for your feedback. We are pausing Perch Resistances for now until we can investigate what this feature needs in order to positively support the long term goals of War Dragons as a game. They will be turned off this afternoon after we make sure we won’t break anything by turning them off.

Perch Resistances is one part of our Collect Wide Initiative. While we do realize that Perch Resistances could have been better implemented, we do think that it is a step in the right direction, that is: we want players to be able to use more dragons.

One of several goals we have with Collect Wide is making the game less about having one or two viable dragons that you fly all the time, and more about having a lot of awesome, usable dragons.

This release has highlighted some of the challenges in changing the current dominant War Dragons strategy, which is few dragons with high power levels, to a world where players find it more valuable to fly tons of dragons, each suited for different strategic circumstances and attack combos.

We believe we introduced Perch Resistances too early to help the Collect Wide initiative take root; we are considering other changes that need to be made for this feature to really makes sense.

Thanks again for your feedback and we hope that we can count on you all to keep an open mind as we continue to grow and evolve the game of War Dragon so that you’ll be able to play for years to come.


Thank you for listening to the feedback of the community. :slight_smile:


dont listen to them put it back lol


Imagine if they’d listened to gpf and saved us all the time. It’s amazing people are still willing to volunteer if they’re shouting into a void (and getting grief for PG’s decisions from players too)


I love that you tried to change it up, and make more dragons used, but it was just too much too soon. Consider trying this again, but without as much of an impact once Verdant Mythics are out. So instead of 5% for each dragon, make it like 2.5%


Although I do agree with this, I am tired of :poop: on pg. I do think that they need to be more transparent in the future, and I do think they need to talk about things before release. However this is a good start. I’m personally willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will try and do better in the future.


Good riddance. Hope it never comes back


If your goal is to make all dragons viable and encourage everyone to fly all dragon types then I encourage you to take a serious look at how each class fundamentally functions. I have said this before, many times going back for years…

Take warriors for example: they are simplistic, which means they can either kill a base or it can’t. So to make them viable what PG has historically done is give them OP spells to help them cope. Unfortunately this only makes them either OP or UP, it is very hard to find the right balance with them. My own personal suggestion would be to look into adjusting the way their base attack damage Works. Ie have them do much greater damage based on distance ie have them kill close to the dragon towers exceptionally faster than when aiming at a distance… and/or have the attack shoot as a cone (hitting multiple towers when aimed far away)

Sorcs bass attack also have a problem, they shoot too slow and do too little damage with their base shot. I would also look at how this functions. Ie give it a boost if you only swipe over 1 or two towers vs over three… this would allow a sorc to eliminate 1 or 2 problematic towers faster so it can then use its spells as intended…

Changing spells and adjusting boosts/nerfs is not the only way to make more dragons viable.


I’ve already brought this feedback to the team - that is, being better about incorporating GPF feedback. However, GPF still plays an influential part in several aspects of the game - many of which benefit every single player. The truth is: thought partnership is more complicated than “listening to them or not.” The relationship of feedback and implementation is not binary “do nor do not implement X.”

Just like when someone in your life gives you advice, you may choose to take some of it, and leave the rest. It is my opinion, personally, that we need to take more of the GPF’s advice, which is what I will be making a priority.

I must note that: to say that we don’t listen to them as a blanket statement is, at best - misinformation, at worst - a lie. If you continue to push that narrative, just be aware that you are knowingly peddling a lie. This doesn’t just go for henfon, but for everyone.


We hope that your advisory groups will have more weight into your decisions.

Your comparison makes it sound as if it was a friend giving an advice. That’s not the case. Your advisory groups are experts that have spent years on this game. You have chosen them and paying them as advisors. It’s more like a company paying consultants for their expertise

Thank you so much :hugs:

When we have changes like this week, it’s easy to believe you don’t consult them at all. Who would advise to do quests requiring seasonal dragons for food? Who would require two seasonal mythics to get a plat chest? Who would validate a defensive rider worst than most and with a boost on storm tower attack? If any member of your advisory groups did so, you should really replace him imho


This might be better received after introducing a lot of awesome dragons.

Some changes that we need before something like this happening is balancing the classes of dragons so we can enjoy flying the different classes more. Also if the intent is to strategically take bases by using multiple dragons, wars should go back to where you aren’t expected to get 70% against a buffed base with only one dragon, and atlas shouldn’t reward hitting easy bases to get the 90% revival rate.

Also, multiple strong dragons is incredibly difficult to maintain if the egg prices keep going up. Very few players are going to get all three mythic dragons each tier especially at their costs as they are.


Nice strawman, you really showed it. The fact that you don’t listen to them on plenty of important matters is critical. Nobody’s saying PG never acted on a suggestion from GPF, and few if any are saying you should make them the product management / design team and only follow them.


Thank you for listening to us and reverting this.

I will say though… This… Concerns me. One of the things that personally bothered me the most with perch resistance is class resistance. I get the sentiment, I get that you want to make people use varied dragons, but a few things to consider, is that sometimes people stick to one class of dragon for a reason.

Myself for example? Warriors are a snooze fest for me to fly, I simply don’t enjoy them, I like the complexity of hunters and invokers.

And there’s other people that I know that stick with warriors because that’s what they can fly, they literally can’t fly anything else - whether it be because they tried and were unable to make it work for them, or due to physical issues for example that literally impaired them from flying anything else.

I think element resistances will suffice if this were to be re-implemented in the future, and I strongly advise against re-introducing class resistances, but then again this is my opinion, and I’m not sure what others’ stance on this particular concern of mine will be.


This! I’ve seen these suggestions before and it would be really helpful! Especially now that the Howi is a super tower and can hit a sorcerer way before being in the sorcerer’s range, and probably two or three times before the dragon can even begin hitting it with its normal attack.

The ideas about warriors changing are also great!


Drop Perch Resistances deep into the Black Hole. Never to return!

We have reached many of the same conclusions you have, yes. One of the many things we learned is that we need to do a better job of changing the current landscape of dragon viability. We also learned that implementing a big change should happen incrementally, instead of all at once. I’ve been using my voice, and so have others, to help the team keep in mind the resources and time players have put into this game - so massive changes to the super and meta game are likely to be poorly received if they happen all at once.


It won’t work unless people can also afford to get and gear and rune and learn to use a lot of awesome dragons and it will be awful if critical attacks are still a race but it takes precious seconds to figure out what awesome dragon to use for this base.

(I’d love to have more good dragons to fly but that’s a long long way from where the game, especially at endgame, is today. Honestly if i wanted that it would be better today to stunt my growth and sandbag so my dragons don’t obsolesce or so I can hit down more.)


That wasn’t a strawman. I (probably) read more criticism than you do, and hear stories from folks telling me this is what people think. Just because you aren’t aware of that dynamic doesn’t mean that I am making it up.


All I can say is Keep It Simple Stu…art. Nobody wants to do calculus to figure out what dragon to use.


I know that I don’t! But I think some people actually get into the numbers :joy: - you should see how much effort I put into fantasy sports. All spreadsheets. All the time.