Perch resource change and scaling

Well I see they changed the new rider to have 10% building time reductions. Wish i could use that. How about changing the rule of only one resource buff being able to be use to a % buff based on all perches and player lvl. Say something like
Lvl 0-49=10% max resource buff
50-99=20% max resource buff cap
100-149=30% max resource buff cap
150-199=40% max resource buff cap
200-249=50% max resource buff cap
250-300=55% max resource buff cap
301-349=60% max resource buff cap
350-400=65% max resource buff cap
401-450=70% max resource buff cap
451-500=75% max resource buff cap

Perch Lvl30 - 35 = 110% Resource buff
Perch Lvl36-40= 120% resource buff
Perch Lvl41-45= 135% resource buff
Perch Lvl46-50=150% resource buff
Perch Lvl51-55=160% resource buff
Perch lvl 56-60=170% resource buff
Perch lvl 61-65=180% resource buff
Perch lvl 66-70=190% resource buff
Perch lvl 71-up=200% resource buff

You would have to be at that lvl with perch at or above lvl 30 to hit that max buff.

Then we could actually use the buffs . Also makes it worth buying and lvling all three perches . This would also help with the shortage of timers that is so often talked about.

Just a thought though.
Ice victor

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I thought you were suggesting to take multiple perch rider abilities into account, but then you have the increasing % and I’m not sure what you’re suggesting. Could you please clarify for me?


I think he’s increasing the buff by how many perches you have + player level

So one example
Say you are lvl 250. And now resource buff on perches is based on lvl of perch and player lvl.
So as lvl 250 the max resource cap that can be applied is 40%
You have all three perches at lvl 30 so they give 100% buff do to lvl
The new max buff that player could have is 25% from research + 12% from ash +10% from the new rider + 7% from one other rider. So that means his total buff equipped is 52% but only 40% is used do to player lvl cap.
But is that player was lvl 300 then his player cap is 60%. So the full amount of buff would be applied.

I hope that makes sense

So you’re saying let the bonuses on all perch riders stack, but limit the total ability (such as building reduction) by player level?

Yes that would make it worth have more then one resource buff rider

Plus makes it so you can hit the max buff more then one way. Not just off the one free rider you get for being in atlas You could get through riders , or researching, buff all rider buff do actually count.

I like how you’re trying to compromise. I would rather just have no limits to the buffs


Lol i would too. But I don’t think pg would ever go for that. But this way kinda meets in the middle . It gives those upper lvl players easier time with speed ups that are so hard to get enough of now a days . But also helps lower players grow there bases a bit faster while adding in a new option for building and feeding events . Sense this only effects resources globally it doesn’t change how attack and defense buff work. Those still only effect the highlighted islands. But during the event having a rider that is based in building time or resources will automatically lower there defence and attack As they didn’t get one of the defensive or attack buffs in exchange for the resources buff.

So here is second example
I am lvl 228. So if I used the above table the max buff i could have is 50%. But I only have two perches and research is not finished also. So this is what it would look like.
20% for research + perch 1 is lvl 30 so gives 10% from the new rider, second perch only gives 80% because it is lvl 20 something. So that rider only gives 5%
So the max I could have is 50% but I only have 35 %. So all buff is counted. Guess I need to lvl up my perch lol or buy the third one. :joy: but at least all the buff counts even if I am not maxed.

I like the overall concept of being able to use buffs from all perches.

I like the concept of reducing the effects of the second and third somehow. Could it be as simple as 50% effect for the second and 25% for the third?


I dont like the player cap for percentage buff. Level will keep increasing but the max boost is 100% or you suggest increase like 200% and so on?


I think there is lots of room in that table to grow as players lvl. Or perch lvl. So yes you could see the table go to greater then 100% But a cap I think …if set up right will not hinder any players . Maybe the buff increases above 100% based on perch lvl. Right now perches above lvl 30 get 100%. So dragon power is the only increase. So something like
Lvl30 - 35 = 110% Resource buff
Lvl36-40= 120% resource buff
Lvl41-45= 135% resource buff
Lvl46-50=150% resource buff
Lvl51-up= 175% resource buff

Something like that would add a bit of scaling and worth lvling up past lvl 30

But with all that. I know there are players in 5-600 lvl range with all maxed lvl72 towers. So the tables do need to be adjusted for them also. But the general concept is what I was going for. Add scaling to perches seams like the place to do it. as it doesn’t effect drop rates ,chests or anything like that. Maybe in the above lvl 52 or so it adds % extra attack and defence . Or combine them all so as you lvl up perches a % of extra resource ,attack,and defence get added. As I don’t have any perches above lvl 30 I just don’t know what that looks like. Wood need some in those lvls to chime in on that idea for there in put.

That is encourage to build long base and over level, get the buff that compensate the level difference

Probably using builder hut?

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