Perch rider benefits

Hello all,

i notice that my perch defensive rider reduce construction time is almost maxed (one more level from maxing the final one)

but regardless i do not notice a different in upgrade time between a tower placed on the islands that perch affects versus an island that has a tower that does not have perch benefits…

anyone has any idea?

Construction time decrease is one of the skills that applies to the whole base so construction times won’t differ between islands


ALL rider benefits are across entire base - are they not?

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oh wow thats cool, so i guess the reduction is applied?? since the only way to tell would be removing rider vs with rider applied?

This is correct

Unsure on this. Gear does not. Construction time and production boosts do. Don’t know about +HP/attack skills. I feel like I’m forgetting something lol

My understanding was that Riders (gear or not) apply across entire base - largest rider boost is applied if multiple riders present. So this includes HP, AP boost.

Only perch dragon boosts apply across the perch area only.

But I could be wrong

Edit: I am wrong.

Wait, wasn’t the whole point of them segmenting the base into 3 perch areas for this to not be the case?

Probably but as you can see I didn’t pay much attention as I don’t have a rider… :smiley:

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Shimo is right

Maybe it just for the perch dragon’s effect, I dunno, my forum game has been off point for awhile now

Wait, so: a gearless rider’s boosts/construction reduction will apply to the whole base, but if it has gear, the boosts/construction reduction will apply only to the perch area? :thinking: :t_rex:

Defense/offense is for the perch area only

Construction/base wide boosts like farm production etc is base wide

All base wide boosts are non-cumulative - only the highest value is chosen

Destroying a perch does not remove the buffs


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile: :t_rex:

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