Perch Rider Questions

Quick question, we know that perch rider gear buffs towers across the entire base, can anybody confirm on way or the other that these effects are kept/lost across the entire base when that particular perch goes down?

Right now I’ve been working on the assumption that these rider gear items have persistent skills because they affect the entire base (unlike a rider) and secondly because honestly it makes zero difference to me and my base layout. However with different layouts this will definitely matter if the rider is placed on different perches or towers are included before/after the perch to take advantage of the buffs or not.


When the perch gets destroyed the effect is gone.

That’s the theory and was confirmed by @pgdave in the old forums.

However, killing monuments stuffed with mythic or legendary runes doesn’t have an impact on their effect so given the bad Code base anything could be true.

Officially it is rider boosted till you destroy this very perch.

Hmm, I’m afraid I don’t remember writing that, but it is of course possible that I’ve forgotten. Anyway, perched riders buffs persist even if their dragons’ perches are destroyed – we’ve also verified that this is indeed the case.


Thank you very much for the reply with a confirmed answer. Greatly appreciated :grinning:

Hmm time to build some more perches?

You can only have one defense rider currently can’t you? Or can you use other riders as well and their armor stats, they just wouldn’t have the tech tree skills

You could use three riders on the three perches and give them all defense gear which would boost your base (if two gear pieces give the same boost, they won’t stack, only the highest will count).

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Is it worth it to get a rider just to put on a perch for defensive purposes (talking specifically about Kayla here), and not have the rider’s armor?

Yes, you can just get Kayla lvl1 discounted for only 375 sigils, equip her with crafted defense gear and put her on a perch.

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