Perch Rider XP limitations


There needs to be some way for perch riders to get xp while on the perch (i.e., when attacked in Atlas, as it was early on), or else eliminate the 24-hour lock after changing perch dragons. It isn’t practical to take a dragon off a perch for one or two attacks, just to give the rider some xp so you can level him, and then not be able to put him on again for a whole day. It’s easy to forget to do it, and it’s also just one of those fiddle-y fussy details that’s merely a nuisance, detracting rather than adding interest to the game. (Although I do like the whole idea of defensive riders a lot, and think this feature has been otherwise well executed.)

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New to the Rider, got Grogg on Necryx and been adding armor and spells that improve dragon and ignoring the Rider XP. I thought I read somewhere in the forums that it doesn’t get you anywhere. Am I mistaken? How does leveling the Rider benefit?


Was this changed? I thought every PvP attack in beta gave a defender rider XP if bonded to perch dragon.


Grogg doesn’t work with Rider XP since he is a bought dragon rider. However, if you are in the Atlas beta, you can get other dragon riders that the rest of us can’t. THOSE dragon riders gain rider XP. But not Grogg. He only levels up with the Grogg shards or whatever they were called. (Mine is maxed).


Defense riders gain xp while perched if you are attacked in atlas.

Works fine, mine has levelled to max that way


Mine did at first, but that ceased for me and everyone on my team a good while ago. No xp for rider on perch at all from beta attacks.


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