Perch towers level

Out of the three perch Towers that are available are they all the same strength. Meaning that if all my perch Towers were level 25 and if I were to take the same dragon in put him on that Tower he would have the same power level on each perch

They’re all the same after the initial cost. The one closest to your base costs 100 black pearls to start, next costs 2000, and last costs 3000.

Personal opinion is that the one closest to your base is the only one worthwhile, unless you have an insane amount of pearls and are okay with sacrificing some levels for passive dragon XP/decoration; perches are also easy rage gainers, as they do little damage, unless you’re significantly underleveled relative to the perch, e.g. Kinnarus vs Stormheim (less that that but yeah…).

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