Perches - feeding and destroying

I know a lot has been talked about concerning perches but with the new changes I could not find the answers to these questions:

  1. Now that the feeding event is gone, do you still need to feed your perch dragon food? (say for war defense)

  2. When attacking a perch, do you need to destroy the perch or the dragon that’s on it, or both?
    ex. would the perch be worth the same amount of hp if I had a level 60 perch with Mehaten on it?

  1. You can still feed your perch to slightly boost damage. Not sure how much of a difference that would make, though.

  2. When attacking you destroy the perch. I’m not sure where you are going with this first question. Yes the perch would have more HP with higher levels, but your damage output is locked by whatever dragon you have on it.


Thx for the quick answer. My thoughts as well.
So, just to make sure, you think that the total hp is the perch + dragon? I know the boost depends totally on which dragon you use legend or mythic

I think the HP is just dependent on perch. I think the damge is dependent on the dragon, but don’t quote me on that


Shannalotte is right.

  1. Yes, you can still feed your perch to boost its damage (just the perch’s damage) by 30%. Generally, this is not enough of a damage boost to be noticeable, but it can’t hurt.

  2. Perch damage depends on the attack of the dragon on the perch; perch HP depends on the level of the perch, and is not affected by which dragon you place on the perch.

Again thx guys, appreciate it.
Aeana, ok so a lev 61 perch with Mehaten is the same as 61 perch with Harbinger Tez?

Forget that Mehaten is a mythic for now

Well, the Tez perch will do more damage, because Tez has a higher attack.

But both perches will have the same HP, because the perch is level 61 in both cases.

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That sounds good, Thx again!

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Just remember that your priorities for perch should be roughly:

  1. Perch dragon should be the element of my best defensive gear (e.g. fire)
    The boost from the perch dragon’s gear to your towers can be far larger than any other benefit from the perch.

  2. Perch dragon should be the class I want (i.e. warrior)
    The boost from the dragon class will be very important. In my opinion, at least, the health boost from a warrior is the most meaningful class-based bonus.

  3. Perch dragon should be the highest rarity available (e.g. mythic)
    Higher rarity means more buffs, but the mythic boost is not always as meaningful as it could be, especially with the prevalence of ways to one-hit towers and (if you prefer non-warriors on your perch) ways to avoid damage.

  4. Perch dragon should have the highest attack possible
    The damage the perch does is rarely too meaningful (I find that if it is, you probably overleveled your perch), but more damage is always better.

Best of luck!

I’m sorry, I misread the above answer on feeding your perch. Feeding the perch makes the perch stronger a bit (30%), but do you need to feed your perch in order to engage the buffs or is it active all the time that the dragon is on it?

The buffs from the perch will remain as long as the dragon is on the perch - feeding the perch has no effect on them.

So really, feeding your perch may add a few thousand damage to the damage coming from the perch itself, but it won’t really do anything else.

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