Perch's Island VS Long-Middle Island

Hello guys
I have read many guides and listened to many players, but in spite of everything, I am still not convinced about the choice to make.
I have compiled a list of pros and cons:
Perch’s Island:
PROS==> All the towers will start to hit as soon as the dragon is visible (even the Dark Flak).
All shields (Ice / Storm) will cover all towers, regardless of location.
Bonus provided by Perch. The bonus is quite good. For example on my Perch lv28, I have Kaiju which adds + 15% HP to the towers OR my Kelvin adds about +20% to supershot dmg; + 0.5s to the stun; + 20% HP Ice Shield; about Storm Shield idk.
CONS ==> Only 3 combat towers.
Rage Drain Island will work a little worse.

Long-Middle Island:
PROS==> 6/7 combat towers , more than a blue and red tower, the dragon will have to face more towers.
Rage Drain Island will work excellently
CONS==>not all towers will start firing at the same time, the dark flak will need 1-2s before it starts firing, giving the dragon time to inflict damage without being hit by it.
the shield towers (Ice, Storm etc), will not cover all the towers if positioned backwards. At least 1 tower will be left undefended.
the supershots of the first 5 towers of the Long-mid island will be weaker than the same towers positioned on the Perch’s island (maybe with the Sorcerer on it).

If I forgot something, please add.
That said, help me make the right choice, arguing your answers and / or decision.
Thanks you so much :slight_smile:


Not sure I follow all of your assumptions. But why are you proposing this in such a fashion?

Do you think it is an option (worth considering) to not use long or Short islands?

I think they both have advantages and disadvantages, and should be used together by towers that benefit accordingly.

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Because im lv132 and im using only 10/11 towers, all lv 31/32 and i have to choose on which islands ill put them. Im explained?

Why dark flak won’t take 1-2 second for attack in perch island?

For one your towers are too low. They should be 35. Secondly, flak fires quick when in front of middle long, not 1-2s wait. More like 0.5s after dragon turns. By then your storm shield and ice shield is up so attacker can’t get to the flak.

If you want to test layouts I can attack you while you modify them. Message me in game if u like.

Sorry edited for clarity, I miss read your post

The rage drain island forces the dragon to come around to the long with almost no rage

In comparison,

Coming around to the short where there is no rage drain island - this can be blinked by Hauheset, or vined and cloak dodged by Noctua with enough practice and a good enough latency.

Later on (around level 320), this becomes interesting, as your short 6 island can be powerful enough to offset the loss of the rage drain island, especially when combined with a good perch. This however is very late in game, and logically will flow then.

If you wondered about starting with a long only and having mage rage drain in front

  • thats horrible
  • people can ignore the mage drain and shoot the vines at the back of long, then snipe the rage drain at their leisure.


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Well, i think i will build on long-mid island. Thx u guys.

To avoid opponents using “blink” on small island, just build a dark flak to stun them for the duration it takes mage supershots to reach dragon.

Stun doesn’t affect cloak or shift.

It must of just threw off attacker when i tried it then…so what does it affect? -Just spells that require you to tap twice, once to activate and second to target tower or surface area?

It affects targetable spells, but for sure! It makes a lot of people (including me) freakout when they see their screen shake. However if you’re only focused on the time it takes for the mage shot to travel, it’s the same.

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Stun affects when explosive shild is on, so does it affect EB also?
Also with a mid long island setup with DF in front, how long does it take to stun once supershot is shot? Can the stun be avoided by sanding the DF first? Or should I always sand blue mage and cloak?

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Yes it affects any kind of shielding besides invince shield and NL (an invince variant).
Always always always sand blue. If you’re not at the level of cloaking blue mage shots after sanding, then you have 2 sands and EB you can cast before mages hit you. It is possible to cloak or blink the flak stun, but it’s very much dependent where blue is.

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For front blue, is it possible? That’s the toughest setup i face and my favourite setup as well.

  • the cure.
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@Lutrus does a treb stun prevent spells from being cast?

Only targetable spells. Shields, cloaks etc can still be cast, similar to the flak’s stun. Ice flak will shut sh*t down.


Short islands towers start closer to the dragon when it completes the turn, dragon is already in range. I assume the reason for this is to balance the fact its only 5(6) spots vs 10.

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Hmmm has this been verified? I can’t recall seeing my long island shoot any slower than my short for “outside” of island.

And its DEFINITELY not a second or two, might be a few milliseconds? In fact when looking at Hau blink you can effectively blink the dark flak shot on any of the two, im not convinced there is a difference.

Try using ice shock to stop supershots at front of short then on a long…they reach first on short.