Perch's Island VS Long-Middle Island


I still get hit especially by flaks when I fly fae


Yes i put mine on very first spot on mid, it fires virtually right away but without a doubt its quicker on short front. Every spot has a number in order of which they fire.


I put mine front right of middle long. I believe it fires faster there. If it is in middle spot, it actually doesn’t fire for a second or so until the dragon gets closer. I was testing @mechengg layouts 1 and 2. So front right for me is preferred spot.


Front right for attacker?


Front left for attacker. Right when facing dragon


That would mean i need to re check those two places, i might of only wanted it to fire 1st so i could put blue on the inside of front mid. Ill try it out.


I’m not sure of the relative speed between front left and front right. I put line front right (when facing attacker) because it is actually a more easily sanded spot. Counter intuitive but hear me out. On the other side I got the blue mage. So now they gotta choose which one to sand first. They always choose blue. That means I can get off 2 supers while they’re taking care of the blue before they can shield.


Ah i gotcha, thats why i like the defense side so much is the ideas.

This is how i judged distance.


Interesting. I’ll test with my alts to see if speed to fire is different.


Nice i dont have to then :grin: im so lazy


Speed to fire is different, but not many people know it :eyes:


Ok front L when facing attacker is faster as what @PoItergeist thought. About 1sec faster which is quite a bit actually. The other position takes about 2secs to fire after dragon completes turn. Will have to rethink my positioning… :thinking:


I have mine in front left so it doesn’t take damage if the attacker uses a spell flux on my first short island :laughing:

Though since mine’s getting nerffed so badly with this new update I don’t know what the heck I’m going to build this time around :neutral_face:


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