Perfect event to close the season Kingdom Wars


Thanks PG for not helping me to max the final event of the season. You are the best. And also thanks for the next 2 events. Breed and feed or viceversa most likely after this. You never stop trying so hard to disappoint us. But let’s look it at the bright side. We won’t be spending this next event yay :grin:


I just love waiting to feed all my extra dragons after a fortification event and a den upgrade - exactly what I was hoping for!!


You thought they where going to let us get those easy points :joy: oh no that is not the pg we know


Common all they do their best for us!


I am actually happy Money Wars is last. Most of our team is done with the season so we can just relax. Hopefully that means it’s Breeding then Team Gauntlet to start the next season.


I like your expectations :joy:. But after the boost to uvs lots of people is trying to get some last Sigils


Which is fine. This event isn’t terrible for getting personal points, I suppose, especially with many people done.


Any chance they changed the event to match your suggestions? fingers crossed


They have changed it in the past tho


Im actually fine with this. this was a very lame season if you werent going for a mythic so this will be a week I can mostly sit out and grind eggs while we still have the token boost. Im just glad this knocks out having to start Spring with KW and will possibly give us double gauntlet and temple raid next season

Also why are you assuming we’ll have feeding at the start of Spring? We already had that last spring




It’s simple for me no feeding, no money from me for PG this week


Small chance I think, that would be quite a revamp to do in such a short time period, even for a fast-moving company. And even smaller PG code changes don’t tend to be very quick.


Short time period? Hasn’t it been 6 months since Red made the suggestions? 4 months maybe?


Well, this bites. I am out of inner fires, but am loathe to open gold chests when I’m done with the season.

Guess im taking the week off :joy:


well let’s look it at the bright side. WE ARE NOT SPENDING THIS EVENT :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well if we don’t (and I really hope we don’t) it’ll be 12 weeks between feeding events, which is well above the norm. It has happened once before though, so hopefully they will push it to week 4.




Less than two months. Quite short for what amounts to a near complete rewrite.


Kingdom Wars remains the worst, most yawnsome event ever IMHO.
Shan’t push the boat out. I got all I set out to get already.