Perfect event to close the season Kingdom Wars


This doesn’t bode well for season start. Feeding is overdue and if they put it in the first two weeks again… well we all remember what happened last time… the question is, does PG remember?
Oh dear…


I remember a time when PG said there would never be another feeding event… Those were good times :upside_down_face:

We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season

Yes, but comparing Feeding versus Kingdom Wars. It’s a tough call which sucks more.

No, it’s Kingdom Wars. I love hitting the same 2 or 3 bases over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over again. :roll_eyes:


I would’ve thought that with the level adjustments that PG would use Feeding. Looks like a significant portion of people will suddenly uncap or be able to hatch dragons come Tuesdays update. Oh well, I won’t spend or open a single chest or spend a single ruby. Lots of monotonous regular attacks for me!


yay. great event to just chill for the end of the season.

nothing saying that feeding will be first 2 weeks next season yet…

and with this massive level balance coming out tomorrow, i for one will be happy to have pvp bubbles up in atlas; because, well, most of us know how well the game works after big updates like these…


Horrible decision. You have to wonder what PG is thinking? They are not!

This event should be Feeding. It is overdue and cannot be done in week 2, so gets pushed off to week 4.

Those of us that are done with the Seasonal dragons, will not use our gold chests to get Sigils that are worthless. We will save them for week 2, when hopefully PG has the sense not to do Feeding.

Feeding just made so much sense this week…


Feeding never makes sense.


Perfect event to end the season. I’m saving up my rubies and chests for next season anyway so can just chill. Since pvp shields will be up for atlas and we can’t war, maybe I’ll just log in, train troops, use my free energy and bail.

And likely our reward for saving will be PG making the mythic hunter released on the second half of spring instead of right away.


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Why not feeding event ?? Noone like kingdom wars…

Beside that , it had to be… And NOT for next saison feed + breed (during sale weeks)…
That way people who will open many gold chests for sale dragon, wont have really great energy and inner fire for the remaining season…

Hadnt we this issue before too ? I mean you people should have known in what rhythm this events come… And what is for our advantage and not…

Honestly. THIS kingdomwars instead of feeding event is for the players disadvantage…
Better make Feeding now, and for the seasons 1st week that PvP event…

Let players have there choice if they want energy+IF or XP/Food stuff… ( again!!)…


KW follows cadence of Minor/PVP, so not that unexpected.
Also why would start of new season not be Breed then Gauntlet.
Who says Feed needs to be in first two weeks?


Probably you are a unexperienced player… Thats why let me explain you…
The events are not like breed -pvp- fort- pvp… every 2 month nearly 1 feeding event will come inside this lines… And normally it should have beed this week if its a 8 week rhythm…

Because of the fact it wont come know in this 13th week ( last was 5th week ) , the chance is high it will be the next saisons 2 events during sale week. Breed + Feed then.

Edit: of course it was different when new events came in , as temple raid and kingdom wars, not to let the space between breed and fort events be to high… but the worst thing is to not be able to choose during sale week if you open goldchests during pvp event or the others… That will affect your game hugely


Bet it up.


Feed replaces a PvP, and we rarely have more than one feed a season. Obvious exceptions.

Next season will start with a Breed, since feed only replaces PvP.


Yes i just wanted edit my post… That breed would be the first, and feed the next one.

However the issue is that this 2 events will be together in the sale week of the new saison.
The was seasons where we had 2 feeding events, and seasons where it was 1 , but in the middle of the season.


Remember that is what they were going to do this season but there was MAJOR backlash so they changed it. I assume they same would occur this season - no Feed first two weeks.


Now if only we could get them to trash feeding events altogether in favor of your XP event instead…


But it is not an 8 week rhythm, it has always varied wildly anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks between feeding events.


I honestly have my doubts that they will not bring feeding out with breeding. Once we made a topic and succeed to have a pvp event in first 2 weeks.
But if they would bring a new type of event out , or follow that backlash… somehow, it would be no reason to cry . The point of feeidng event is, its easy to collect sigils overall as a team. I hope for a official response at all.


Yes you are right , the last events was varied… but if not 8 weeks after, the chance to be inside the first 2 events of next season is high. It was a average, thats why “nearly” 2 month…

From Springsaison 2017 it was in 6th week… so summerseasons 2nd and 11th week ( The assault events appeared). Afte it the 8th of next season, followed by the 4th after that season. Then 1st , and 13th, so there is the 12 week period beside. But then in summerseasons 6th, autumn season 1st, and 12th and this seasons 5th,… So seen the rhythm was like 9 , 9 , 10, 9, 10, 12, 7, 8, 11, 6 weeks…

Surely new coming events had a impact of it, as that breed and fort, shouldnt overcome the 4 week period in average too far.

Looking about the average , the thing which is the issue is the next saison afterall… that breed will be first, and feed probably follow. Maybe its how Red told, and it will be not … but i doubt about it.


I mean… Even PG can’t be so clueless as to put feeding in week 2, right?

If you’re complaining right now, you’re complaining about a situation that’s unlikely to actually happen. Feeding is always unpredictable. I’d have to check to be 100%, but I think there’s even been a point where it didn’t replace a PvP.

Edit: yup, recently too… they stuck Feeding between Temple Raid and Fort last Turkey Day.