Perfect event to close the season Kingdom Wars


Several times



This complaint always baffles me. Feed ALWAYS comes after breed OR fort, since it replaces a PVP. After fort, lots of people have unlocked new levels with den upgrades, after breed, many people have unlocked levels due to breeding required dragons. Either way, people complain.

EDIT: And I realize that when they were messing with the cadence, there was a feed after a PVP, but I think we can all agree that after a PVP is the clear WORST time for a feed. And that shouldn’t happen again now that they reverted the cadence change.


Was gonna reply but I see valid points have been made about inconsistency of Feed.
So Im thinking they will adhere to minor/PVP come new season.
They now we need to open chests in first two weeks and they’ce obliged to this previous seasons.

Someone though mentioned they might move Mythic hunter to second half.
Now, that would not surprize me at all🤣


You know, people often take the 50% sale weeks as a advantage to gain with half sigils full prizes…

But even so , if there is a PvP event inside this week, they gain from goldchests enough energy and inner fire for whole season nearly to get good prizes…

Well, if someone is not interested in the mythic sorc, and will go for the hunter… it will be a bit more expensive, but the sale week wouldnt meant much . :slight_smile:


Hunter/Warrior two seasons ago.
Warrior/Sorc this season.
So yes, Sorc/Hunter seems likely.

Though it’s also the “turn” for a discount sorc, so… Who knows?


You’re forgetting that PG operates on the Geologic time scale.


pg that says so much that ** hears ** the complaints to nerfear 2 times a dragon. You should hear that this is not the time for PVP. if not food. to start the next season with breeding or postponing pvp for the 1st week of spring. or vice versa. always slap us with the right and another with the left. what a pity.


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Definitely no point in spending. Think many of us will be taking a mini vacation this week​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::grimacing::joy:


Luckily I am done with uvs but I sure hope a pvp is 1st 2 weeks of the new season I have a ton of chests to open and opening them on breeding or feeding will cripple me next season.



Nope. Skipping it. Doesn’t make much sense to commit resources to a season that’s over. Feeding would have made much more sense.


We Want Feeding @Arelyna thank


Feeding would be a much, much better choice for this event. It’s been 7 weeks since the last feeding event, so we’re “due” for one anyway.

Then, next season opens with kingdom wars and people can try out their shiny new seasonal dragons in a real pvp event.


There really isnt a norm anymore with feeding events

Who is this “we” of which you speak? Im fairly certain most people would be fine with feeding being erased completely. People really need to stop expecting and waiting for feeding events


I disagree with this. Feeding disrupts 4 week cadence and does the unexpected.


Feeding should be replaced as suggested or completely eliminated from the game forever. Pick one or the other.

Right now it does nothing but harm and creates controversy whenever it rears its ugly head. PG has an opportunity to cut down on the angst and noise around here. Time to pony up and stop with the semi random event almost nobody wants and everyone can agree creates chaos every time it rolls around.

Sure, some of the “I want my easy feeding points” guys might complain but I think most folks know better.


@Crisis @Arelyna @PGChocolate
I’ll just remind you what happened last time feeding was slated to be in the first two weeks of season. If you can confirm this wouldn’t happen, everyone will shut up immediately…

Waiting your reply. Thanks!


I’m going to sit here and hold my breath for 3 weeks, given that for some super weird reason, PG thinks being mysterious and withholding information is actually good for the player community or that they will some how box themselves into a corner by committing to anything more than 1.5 days in advance…


Congratulations PG you’ve done it again :+1:
You change the game ( cadence in this case) as you pleased and at your pleased. I can’t understand what type of management you guys do but in case you’ve forgotten THIS IS A STRATEGIC GAME! You can’t change those type of thinks without consequences! A lot of people have abandoned the game and much more will continue to do so every time you do these thinks without warning! Another thing you PG have said that gonna change " we’ll do the best efforts to announce changes with the best time possible"… We can see you great effort here… Of pulling more money because that’s all you can think of! Unfortunately I gotta say that it’s not lefting me much for abandoning game also…


PG you spelled King of the Hill wrong…