Perfect event to close the season Kingdom Wars


Umm, they didnt change anything about the cadence this season. We dont always end a season with feeding, nor has feeding ever been a regular part of the schedule. People making an assumption doesnt mean they changed anything


Guys guys ok ok WHAT IF they are finally scrapping feeding as an event after all??!?


Don’t make me laugh… I’m not here since yesterday


Why don’t people just feed their dragons instead of starving them in hopes of a feeding event? I understand the uncapping that’s gonna happen this week but still. I’m gonna feed my dragons that will be uncapped. I’ll feed my dragons whenever they are ready to level. And I will still max the points in the feed event when it comes back around.


Thank you, however its good if more people inside the team know what is good and what is bad inside the game… but i will check up :wink:

edit: good to see, i will have to tag the event members from now on… which i already tagged in too.

The thing isnt that i named them, the thing is the “communication”, what we wish o have.
forgive me, i often tagged people within, who was in past here for communication responsible, or/and which i liked as people ! :slight_smile:


I couldnt starve mine if i tried and not just bc i been in the same tier for over 160 levels but mainly bc the countless lineage stored at breeding lvl


Most of the time the event staff doesn’t respond in the forums. It’s pretty rare if they do. Usually just for special announcements. @Arelyna does a great job of relaying information to them and can usually get a response back. Of course they can be busy sometimes and not get back right away.


Yea thats why i tagged people in, who often are in touch with community, but somehow its not wished in that form .


The Original Post is obviously sarcastic, and the second is too.
So I’m gonna assume that all the posts in this thread are sarcastic, and join along.

I’m glad it’s not feeding, because now I can leave RHYO on the incubator two days longer, and save 48 hours of speedups, which is worth way more than the 90 gold chests I’m going to open to compete in Kingdom Wars!




Guess people now gonna be force to feed them… Lol… If PG wanna take feeding out of events, it’s their choice how to manage game! What I do find an acceptable is the fact they don’t announce thinks like they should, I don’t prepare my self for an event the week prior, it’s weeks of anticipation and with this type of management they are always screwing game of some amount of people!


I personally like feeding I just feed my perches hit the 1 mill points and collect the 1200 sygil team prize very easy points.


Easy, but oh so dull.


I don’t know about you but atlas feels like a part time job along with main game content I stay busy enough a break every now and then is nice.


I like this event…but only when we are neighboring teams that we can communicate with. Unfortunately, this event doesn’t lend itself well to having diplomatic relations between teams that speak different languages.

Politics time…yay!


they dont wanna listen they think they have a choice what event goes out and what does not! they think they are entitled to have what event they so desire because it does not suit them!


Our Dragons want to celebrate by eating so many :sheep: :cut_of_meat:! Please.


You notice the the silence from PG. show us how much you care


We Want Feeding !!


Speak for yourself. Just feed your stupid dragons and hope the horrible feeding event never returns.