Perfect event to close the season Kingdom Wars


The ONLY good thing about the feeding event is the 6 hours leading up to it where people start to hoard food and raiding becomes laughable. Last feeding event I think i hit 30M food or so (think this was the #) in the 3 hours before the event and fed a ton of dragons :smiley:


Well feeding would be fantastic.

Couldn’t give a ratsarse about the normal event, but atlas would stay viable and unshielded… There’s a level 5 with our name on it, and another couple of ppl that want to perma lose near a million troops


This is the ONLY reason I’m a little bummed it’s not feeding. And I definitely know the castle you are talking about :cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses:

Otherwise I’d rather get those easy points next season when I will actually need the extra sigils.


So we are having a fort and a feed without points earned :man_facepalming:. I don’t think people will wait. Plus no atlas.


Probaly for the same reason people don’t build their towers except during fort. While some don’t like feeder event, many do.


Usually people will put 2 towers on build at the end and let them go until the next build event. You should still feed your dragons between feeds. For a couple reasons.

  1. Feed event is never a guarantee.
  2. It slows player progression.
    With invader bases and xp bases out there, it doesn’t take long to get enough xp to level a dragon. Sure it’s more grinding but still possible.


The nice thing is, with PVP you can do the same, but for a whole week. Hunting during PVP often gives huge amounts of gold as well. And even though I usually give them to the bank, it is mighty satisfying. Double plus: I now can attack peeps in their 350ies easily. They are the same bases, but it feels so good :grin:


I see that PG has generously elected to include powerful cannon striker glyphs as the prizes for this exciting player versus player event. My team had previously ruled against event minimums but are reevaluating our stance after considering the power we could wield.

Imagine shooting a mighty glyph-inscribed cannonball at your foeman’s dragon and killing him so hard that every other dragon in his roster just refuses to approach your base. The “swap” button is probably replaced with a “surrender” button when you go up against one of these bad boys. Truly this is the last argument of kings.


This is the best thing I’ve read on this forum all week.


So how’s everyone enjoying their few days off while waiting for the new season?


Well although most people wrote that they’ll be sitting this event out, here in mid sapphire it’s pretty damn fight pits :joy:
I’m doing my mins for the team and last 25 chests to get for the next season only :tipping_hand_woman: and enjoy kicking some 400 bases after leveling remake.


Loving it but feels weird not using energy packs and ifs at all after grinding pvps for a year now.


800 points…lowest I can ever remember :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


We have some people in our league taking this event pretty seriously. I just don’t get it. One or two people per team clamoring to finish Surt or UVS - sure… but I am talking whole teams and never ending event defend banners… :man_shrugging:


let them burn their rss LOL, it’s their money LMAO, we have one team that comes at us hard core also LMAO


Is it just me or did the event minimum for the 1.2k sigil prize jump up 12k points? I always remember it being 30k and now I’m showing. 42k!?!?


It’s 30k in Pits, not in KW. Also 82k in Gauntlet and Temple.


Im using just enough energy to get to the 350 sigil prize so I get the last set of gold chests from Astrid’s line. Other than that, Im token grinding

It is amusing though to see a few teams go nuts. 1st place in my league has almost double the points of 2nd place


Honestly this is the first time i even read the rules, actually learned how to play it, and i probably now get just as excited for this pvp as i did KOTH.

What is amusing to me is when a team says they drop a league to play this pvp out in a lower league, easier opponents, etc… then u go love also how they at the bottom when bottom of league they came from is same as 1st place where they went down into lol