Perfect event to close the season Kingdom Wars


There is a larger picture at work on this one. We had, reasons.

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We decided to just go for personal points when we won the war declared on us coming to D2, it put us ranked in D1 unless we lost a few points so we went personal rewards only which is about all Gauntlet is good for anyway… that and stocking up on energy packs.

Lol was literally just the 1 quote and i thought i mentioned i was only busting your balls because when ya’ll dropped down i recalled you saying it was better for the last event of season being pvp, easier targets etc.

I actually prefer to use Hau, i try beating myself in seeing how fast i can destroy gustav using the blues to reset timeshift as much as i can… kinda fun, wont lie.

Anyway like i said i just enjoy little jabs time to time to let u know i still <3 you.


What on earth gave you this idea


Which part because as a whole this post is not simply a concept… i think its best to leave it where its at and i meant no disrespect in my previous post


The direct quite where you claim that we dropped down for an easier PvP.

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Miss you, Red. <3

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