Permanent defense armor boost!

Anyone seen some towers with the defense armor effect without defenders? I see them every blessed day and yes, the boost is very much active. So, this isn’t just a visual bug! Fix pls

They persist even after you destroy those towers

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it may just the Mythic warrior buff


It’s perch perk from a mythic warrior.



Lol oh, ok! Thanks @Dawncrayon @Lutrus but that effect should die with the tower too :joy:

I honestly didn’t know how the ward boost worked and was gonna ask but good to know now. :pray:

every time the shield is destroyed, it will select a random structure 4 seconds afterwards to shield

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Does this happen in every attack? I never noticed this in my replays when I had stormheim there

It should, on the highlighted area of the perch it’s on.

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Cool. Thank you :blush:

Thanks for post. I didn’t fully understand the ward thing until now. :hugs:

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