Permanent Troop Loss%

So with the these percentage rates on troop losses PG is encouraging us NOT to defend against attacks in Atlas… I would think this whole system is backwards… Why wouldn’t you reward good defense with less permanent troop loss? In other words, you are encouraging players to load up primarchs with troops, move to NML, and then close game and come back later to revive 100% troops… Duly noted👍

Better glory. Being able to build new troops instead of revive. Though, yeah, it’s an odd mechanic.

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I concur. I’d like to see it flipped around and between 50-80% so that nobody gets 100% revives. Need some way to have a way to kill off troops in the game

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Yes, not happy about being punished for defending myself and team… Looking like another mechanism to increase money for pg!!

Wow I didnt know this… this is interesting so it’s best to not defend?

As it is set right now, yes

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Now I’m a little confused by the chart, so dont defend yourself… what about a team mate… or just dont defend on any aspect… just to clarify?

Not true.
It really really depends on the scenario.

But in all honesty, there is a middle “hump” as a defender that costs you far more gold to revive and replace your troops and it’s mostly around the 3 flame mark

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If you defend yourself or a teammate you will have permanent troop loss… If you do not defend on defensive prims you get 100% revive…

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But revives aren’t necessarily the best and only thing to focus on. In many cases I’d rather have my troops give out 1.5x glory than 0.75x glory


Also if you defend and stop an attacker not only do you lose full% loss… The attacker gets 100% revive rate on their troops…

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well, there should be a way of losing troops. Can’t have everything set to 100% revive.

Yes agreed… I think troop loss should be both ways on all battles… But this system is backwards… Reward players that actively defend… If an attacker fails with 3 dragons… They should have the 66% revive and the defender maybe somewhere around 85-90% revive…

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That’s something like the opposite of what you are now complaining.

If that is implemented, the attackers will complain that they lose a lot of troops with low amount of glory gain.

100% revive or somewhat closer to 100% should be given to the losing side.

Winning a defense grants a favorable kill ratio on your side which means higher glory payout depending on how many troops is lost or killed. That’s what you get for defending. Successful defense is pretty much like doing a successful attack


Yes 1.5x glory is better than 0.75x… But getting 100% revive @ 0.75x glory is better…
1)No effort involved…
2)100% revive…
3) more RL time… (Load primarch, move to nml, turn game off.
4) less time and cost than new troops

There is the scenario in which someone attacks 75+ levels below themselves, smashing the smaller player’s base for a max kill ratio (leaving the defender with a massive troop loss for next to no glory)… If that were to happen, it would indeed be nice for the smaller player that got obliterated to be able to revive 100%.

Not that anyone would EVER attack a much weaker opponent in Atlas! /S


LOL. You think the GPF represents PG?

Nope, but I think GPF has way more sway than an average Joe does…

Mech isn’t the ‘everyman’ - he is a very strategic, hard core grinder in a D1 team. His point of view doesn’t always mirror my own, nor would I imagine the majority of the playerbase, based on his league, play style, dedication, etc.

Fortunately (in some cases) he doesn’t hold absolute sway (or does he :thinking:)

What we (the mere mortals) need to do when he says something way off the reservation based on OUR situation/league/level, is provide an argument and clarify it from our position. Despite being a hard core WD fanatic, he also seems to be a pretty reasonable dude.


I doubt i’m the only one thinking along these lines and i’ll leave it at that