Permanent Troop Loss%


Thanks @Tinsir … lol Im late to the party. it isnt still applicable then, right?

@Morreion :rofl::rofl: I meant what was the source of the table Kill3r posted not the one I did. Also, what did the % In the table he posted represent. As it makes more sense if the % in his table reflect troop loss rather than revival rate (as implied by: “In other words, you are encouraging players to load up primarchs with troops, move to NML, and then close game and come back later to revive 100% troops”)

If the table he posted isnt applicable anymore, please dont mind me :+1:


Nope! The table in your latest screenshot (from the 4.90 thread) is the one that’s currently applicable.


Man I shouldn’t be posting early in the morning :joy:

I thought you quoted the table you were asking about, and clearly didn’t read properly.

I think the table at the start is from Mechengg’s sheets, and it’s the pre-4.90 distribution for revival. Basically it used to be if you lost badly, you’d lose a lot of troops (not shown in the table), but would get 100% revived. If you won, you lose less troops, but some of them would be gone permanently. It was a weird system partially punishing succesful attacks.


:joy::joy: let the coffee kick in man…

Lol I suddenly understand the source of anger in the replies above, although I doubt one player couldve been the cause for something like that being implemented.

I just did the math, it aint a bad idea for NML (and it penalizes dummies who attack 100 levels below them) but it would sting a bit for attacking/ defending castles.

Anyways thanks for the clarification guys.


The most annoying new scenario is getting hit by a lvl 100 with a lvl 400 backer. They get full glory, destroy maximum troops, and as the defender you’re stuck with a 60% revival rate.


Yeah can definitely imagine the frustration. Although that’s some gutsy level 100 to do that :woman_facepalming:t2:… Hopefully they use a lower tier prim than the higher level theyre attacking. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:




This is correct. It is a screenshot taken from the revive rate tab of my glory calculator, which has since been updated to reflect the 4.90 revival rate changes posted on the forums.


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