Persistent Bubbles: Game mechanic abuse


More and more castles are starting to be held by teams that are abusing a game mechanic. If your team is to weak to actually hold a castle through activity and defense, you can hold a castle by coordinating takeovers with a friendly team. Here is the process that is being used after your castle gets bubbled

  1. Arrange a time where you will drop the shield and a friendly team will take it over.
  2. After they take the castle from you, take it back
  3. Purchase castleguards and have friendly team hit you til bubbled again

This results in a fresh bubble. Peace of mind knowing you don’t have to ever really defend the castle.

Others have advised me that this has been reported and no action was taken. I felt this should be put out here to be sure all are aware and this can be discussed. If in the end this is deemed acceptable behavior, everyone should be aware so that they can adjust their strategy of holding castles.

I’m pretty sure this is a behavior that should be addressed as it will result in a loss of revenue.


There is already a thread about this:

I believe he knows

I truly hope they know. Perhaps we can receive guidance as to if this acceptable behavior or what limits if any are there. Can a guy with 2 accounts on separate Atlas teams occupy 10 castles? 20 castles?

If you really want the castle just sit on it until it goes into cooldown :man_shrugging:


Every cause has an effect……
You have to ask yourself what caused this applied tactic to become more commonly used?Lol

It seems when you change something players tend to react and change the applied tactics and we see here the results of that……. :man_shrugging:

Was it a increasing burden of play or maybe they are helping players bypass a mechanic……
Hmmmmm “I wonder “


This isn’t about me or my team wanting castles. It’s about an exploit and if the behavior will have no consequence. If there will be no consequence, teams can totally change their defensive tactics. Just hold onto 20 castles with the help of a couple players on another team. You will not ever really need to worry about defending the castle or proper troop loads, or having an alert bot.

Just set an alarm clock and go through the process of rebubbling your castle.

My point was that this is really easy to counter. Just load up troops on the enemy castle during cooldown, and they cannot do it.

A nice solution to this would be if you’ve lost the same castle more than once in a week, then you lose infra (like it was previously).


The correct scheme looks something like this

  1. Player-A on Team-B moves to Team-C just before the cooldown.
  2. Player-A on Team-C conquers Team-B’s castle.
  3. Player-A on Team-C returns to Team-B.
  4. Player-A on Team-B conquers Team-C’s castle.

It sounds like they are having quite a busy schedule, and wasting a lot of team glory and troops hitting each other, while others get stronger. It is probably still helpful for PG to have a look at the loophole, even if it is not free of cost.

My thoughts exactly. That people find it worthwhile to resort to this sort of tricks, speaks volumes about the burden of play for small casual teams who want to try and hold a castle. That is the root cause here, which is arguably more important to fix.

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not quite sure if “small” and “casual” together are words that should describe teams that deserve any castles…

if they’re competitive, even if small, sure.

if they’re strong/large, even if casual, sure.

but both small and casual…?

“Deserve” is a very loaded and subjective term. In my humble opinion, it would be nice if out of 1,500 or so Atlas teams, at least 80% could be able to hold a castle. Then we could be hearing fewer complaints about pirates. If you think only the top 300 or 500 teams “deserve” a castle, then maybe something else needs to be changed about the rules, because castles make a substantial difference in team well being. A lot of the rules revolve around them. To me it feels like Atlas was built around an assumption that every team should be able to hold a castle.

But maybe I simply used the wrong word. Perhaps I should have said “low APR” instead of “small”.

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they were never the main problem to any of competitive -castle-deserving- teams.

as far as i can remember, except for a very few, only “casual” teams weren’t able to countersnipe pirates. -or any snipers, in that matter as they don’t exactly play the game competitively.

The team glory cost is nothing if you are a “pirate” team or any other active team in Atlas, and this only takes a few minutes to do

Ok, maybe my intuitive estimate was wrong. I am not defending them, this may be worth fixing.

I hope I’m not coming off like a jerk about this. I’m not blaming PG about the current mechanic and I hope this doesn’t turn into another blame PG thread. Those are getting old. I see how addressing this systemically can be difficult. It seems like a should be able to be addressed through the ticketing process as bad behavior and it would be great if it were addressed before a lot more teams start doing it. In my opinion teams or individuals that do this should lose access to Atlas or be banned from the game.

If there are no consequences, the behavior is legitimate.

We will have gold primes! :smiling_imp: :pirate_flag:
And so you see PG ……a players will is absolute!
You simply can’t dictate to players ……………
Yes you have to offer them a singular objective and allow them to seek it by what ever means possible to do otherwise will simply end in players bypassing what you have put in place in favor of their own objective :man_shrugging:

And while not intentional mechanics have created this applied tactic to bypass what’s being seen as unreasonable ……
And now you will see that applied tactic have other negative impacts :man_facepalming:

The cause will always become a effect and echo out.

I tried to warn them ………


Well you said what many didn’t want to say. Pirates are reacting to the “No Gold Primarchs for you mandate”. Pirates have turned up the heat significantly on access castle holders. These access castles are gates to bigger teams. Bigger teams don’t want their gates to bubble. But gates are no longer wanting to be a punching bag for the castles behind them. SO, access castle holding teams are now letting their castles stay bubbled 21 hours a day or more. If they get challenged for that castle, they then resort to what the OP’s post was about.
Every time a new restriction is placed on any one style of play, a work around will be found. Regardless of what style a player or team chooses, there is cause and effect.


The problem will compound :+1:
There’s what you have described above and now add privateering to this scenario and you see privateers will have gold primes rapidly.
And so the result of their mechanic will be to only escalate piracy at its highest levels the mandate just makes privateering more attractive and piracy more aggressive! :man_shrugging:
You little pirates and growing players now have a goal as a pirate!

Become big and strong and join a privateering team and earn your gold primes! :rofl::pirate_flag:

You see we will simply make our own objective and your mandate has set a goal :man_facepalming:


They have taken it one step further and have established pirvateering Alliances and Pirate Aliances. They can swap castles like nothing through conquer or surrender lol. They have Gold Primarchs and of course they straight punishing any access castle owning team. The less active teams who have access castles are the ones getting hit the most and now choose to bubble instead of getting troop drained.