Personal, or just getting points?

Asking for opinions here, give me your input:

So my team, Gold 2, is in the Coliseum. 4 teams. The top team have several level 300+. We cant beat em.

Ive got energy to burn, think several hundreds.

So I rotate through attacking the top 5 from the other 2 teams and the 1 or 2 on the top team, that i can attack, to get the most points. Our team is getting knocked down, we literally cannot keep up with the top team.

So im being accused of making it “personal” and “only attacking one team”, which simply is not true.

Overreaction by the one team for calling it personal?

No, im not naming names or teams, just asking what you guys think. Thanks.

Personal? If that’s what gives you points go for it. You don’t need to but can explain them. If they don’t like it still then they can just defend your attacks. Funny how that happens on gold league…
Relax and enjoy, worst case scenario you can just ignore them :sunglasses:

You don’t need anyone’s permission to attack
It’s a war game

I know. Just making sure i understand the game ive been playing for over a year well enough. Maybe things have changed?

People need to stop apologizing for what other people believe to be true. If you’ve explained your position and reasoning and they still don’t believe you, there’s nothing else you can do. Move on.

Thats great and all, but now, the #1 ranked team in the league for this event, points wise, has made my relatively low level team, and middle ranked in the evnt, their personal punching bags.

Not cool.

All because they assume i “only attacked them”, which simply isnt true. If PG would give us an attack log to prove these instances arent true, it would make these “tissue issues” disappear… :rofl:

Edit, it has just been brought to my attention that this same team was using Google translate to say some pretty nasty things to a German team yesterday. Ok, so just invented drama by some spoil sports. Oh well.

Some people are just fragile little butterflies. I’ll go farm em. :joy:

I would, but ive sworn them off in LC, i wont attack the innocent little butterflies that are now coining the crap out of my team.

They must be newer players or something since they are fair game unless there is an alliance. Even XPfarmsLooseX1 expects other teams to hit them in pvp events. :roll_eyes:

No, theyre not newer players. I think they think because they spent a few bucks, no one can beat them.

So now they are farming outside the event. Game on, thats the green light for me to farm them til the cows come home.

Wanna help?

This happens. Especially in this event. I’ve seen teams have personal vendettas against other teams and have tried to follow them and wipe them every round for whatever reason.

It would suck to be in the receiving end of it

Wow, you really have manuipulated thentruth haven’t you.

Firstly you never rotated between any teams, you focused full on our team hitting us every few minutes.
Secondly you also forget to mention that our team was at the bottom of the pits trailing more than 8000 points behind the nearest team.

You also forget to mention how you decided to do out of event attacks and farm our team members. NONE of our team have attacked you outside of the event and you know it.

We simply stated as you feel it acceptable to continually direct all your attacks at the bottom team in a pit then we will return that same favour. At no point have we attacked you outside of the event!

Ugh, another argument in LC.

How many times and different ways can you tell someone that it is IMPOSSIBLE to farm in this event? You cant attack the same person again until you have made 10 other attacks.

I attacked the top 5, 5, and 2 of each team in the Coliseum. I made over 35 attacks. In order to attack below the top 5 on this particular whiner’s team, i would have had to attacked like a level 98, for a heck of a lot less points than attacking the level 179, 126, 110, 110 and 107 on the other team for more points.

How hard is this to understand?

You have brought this to league chat multiple times and everyone told you they didn’t want to know, you have continued to get a rise from our team.

We don’t want your drama

I do not think OP has provided the entire story. Clearly there has been some conversation in LC that we are not being provided. While I really do not want to see screen shots of their conversation, just not that important, without seeing the conversation we are missing something that would seem to put things into context.

OP can do something about it. Declare war on the team as soon as the event is over. Teams cannot spend more money in wars to ensure winning like we can in events. Declare on them.

Its not my drama. You started this by sending an email threatening to farm my team because i did exactly what i described above.

You escalated this crap and drama. I tried to explain to you what happened, yet you want to just name call and spout half truths.

Get over yourself.

Your farming the wrong team.


Some of your members didnt listen and attacked outside of the event.

It happens.

Ive explained what happened to you several times, yet you refuse to understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE to farm someone inside the event.

Like i have said MULTIPLE times, why would i attack sub 100s when i can attack mid 100s for more points?

It doesnt add up!

It’s a war game people. Go play.

Even if Jonesy was focusing on your team, and like he already explained he actually CANNOT physically do that due to game mechanics, it is well within his right to do so. Don’t like it? Hit back in event. Simples.