Personal, or just getting points?


And I’ve explained multiple times that you farmed our TEAM. You rotated through our players continually so we are returning the favour.

You also come onto this forum spilling half truths to paint yourself in a good light.

We have been attacked by sapphire and other league players doing what they thought was right defending the unwritten principles of this game because you have portrayed yourself as the victim when your not.

You even said we said horrible things in German which was also a lie. Yes one of my team spoke out of line and I addressed it straight away, another officer in our team speaks German so cleared the air.

If ANYONE wants a screen shot of that convo I will happily provide it.


That is exactly what we were doing. But he has tried to manipulate the forum to get us attacked outside of the event.

I’d also like to add that I’m glad to see forum members upholding unwritten rules and intervening when necessary.

However may I suggest you hear both sides before taking action :crazy_face::wink:


@Jonesy just fyi, this is not an extension of your leagues LC. It is clear by the discussion between you and @Merlin that you do not provide appropriate context in your OP and I assume many are taking this thread as I am that you have made a mountain out of nothing.


I only mentioned the German thing because a third party mentioned it to me.

And im telling you, for the LAST time, i did not and could not have rotated through 10 people on your team as i would have been hitting below level 100, which im not doing.

You have a problem with me, farm me. Not the team. In case you missed it, most of my team is low levels who, all things considered, are doing very well in the event.

You claim something happened, i say it didnt. We are in a stalemate since there is no way to prove it short of PG giving up my attack logs from this morning. Ive blocked you ingame, about to do the same here. Enjoy.



I opened a group chat after that mail as the mail i sent explaining everything from my initial post didnt send, and tried to explain what happened.

All this guy could say was i was lying and i farmed their entire team, which was impossible as i never hit below 100 so i closed the chat.

Whatever, im done with it.


And the issue with my message is?

I clearly stated the facts, the only thing missing from my message which wasn’t needed at the time was the clarification of our positions as we both knew them. For Everyone elses benefit we was at the bottom of the pits they were above us at this point of the message.

You also forget to mention you invited me into a chat room after the round ended which I joined and you basically tried to excuse your actions. I basically said we was considering offence as our defence you didn’t like that so kicked me from the chat and then tried starting a drama in league chat which I said I wasn’t going to air laundry.

I can screen shot it if you want to deny it


See my post above yours.

And yes, i brought it to LC so your team knew that i was not intentionally farming them, which you insist i was. What i was attempting to do was to talk reason to your team, since there is obviously no chance of reasoning with you.

I never hit below the top 5 on your team. Then i moved to the 4Royal team. Then hit 1-3 players on the Legend team (not the top 1-3, i couldnt win those, most probably). Then i started over. I made around 35 super attacks, on probably 12 players, so yeah, i may have hit each person 3 times over the course of an hour.

There were only 4 teams in the pit. I cant hit my own team for points, so i rotated through the top 12 players in the pit that gave the most points.

And again, your team is #1 in the event. My team moved from the low 20s to 14 by making it into the Coliseum. You actually think we are any kind of threat to you? Get over it dude. I and my team hit every team, as high as they can, for the most points. No one targeted your team, which now you have done to mine, as your own screenshots show.

You are making a mountain out of something that DIDNT EVEN HAPPEN.




And in case you missed it, the point of this thread wasnt to continue the nonexistent discussion with you, it was to ask the community at large whether or not i did anything wrong by my actions.

Seems the few replies ive gotten have answered that question, i did nothing wrong.


I’m not going to say it again. You hit our top 10 players repeatedly, them being below 100 is irrelevant and that’s your word against many of my team who were being hit. Is it against any rules? NOPE

Our team was no1 in the event from working very hard and putting in the effort we didn’t get it by farming the weakest teams. The only time we repeatedly attack the same team is when we are in 2nd and we are trying to get 1st and at that point we are attacking 1st.p not attacking 4th when we are in 2nd like your team did. Is that against the rules though? NOPE

Is it morally right to farm the lower team when there are two others above you?
Well that’s obviously where we differ opinions. You thought it acceptable so we are only returning it in kind.

I’m making a mountain. Lmfao.
I’m not the one who caused drama in league chat multipul times to get a reaction, I’m not the one who lied about being attacked outside of the event, I’m not the one who came to the forum trying to cause issues.

Now let’s leave this where it belongs in the game, there are many more important things to talk about. Like who’s gonna be mating with hippo?


That is a lie. Period.


That’s providing your original post was the truth which w3 both know isn’t the case.

Drama be gone. Bye


Bye Felicia.


Bye “the boy who called wolf”


Don’t get it. If his team aren’t competing for team rank and your team offerered him highest personal points why wouldn’t he attack you even if you were bottom team? That’s his choice who he attacks and it’s not farming as your team won’t lose any resources.


Well said


Wait wait wait.

You think a player, any player, should only attack teams that are above them in the pits, even if they give far less points?

Wow, way to screw your teammates’ personal achievements.

Edit, and technically, you were above us, since your team is/was in first place. So, if i did farm you, which i didnt, it would have been justified.


Shell4097- That’s the point we didn’t all offer the highest possible points but that didn’t stop him attacking. Yes it’s also his choice who he attacks just like it is our ps which is what he’s mad about.

Jonesy - like I said previously I’m done talking to you.

This post needs to be closed or even better deleted. It’s just embarrassing.


I dont agree. There have been no personal attacks, only civilized discussion, which was unable to happen ingame.

You still continue to not accept the hard facts that what you claim happened, didnt. Oh well, enjoy that enormous 1st place prize, of a whopping 250 sigils.