Personal, or just getting points?


Not like you to disagree with someone :joy:


Who, me? :innocent:


This one time in band camp…


Umm. If your rank 1 surely a valid strategy would be to focus getting them out of the colluseum so they earn less points for a round thus allowing them to catch up? It’s a pain for the team getting pushed down but it’s one round!

Also You literally can’t farm players in this event. You need to spend 44 energy to hit one player twice. You can hit a team sure but that’s a valid strategy. And honestly if a single person is causing that much damage, and if it’s “farming” lets be fair it’s not gonna be mega attacks, then that kinda begs the question what are you doing in the colosseum? And again it is one round.

Fight back. If it upsets you so much war them after and settle it that way. Regardless of the other drama going on this is the fight pits. Fight it out.

No one has broken any rules at all and this all seems pretty petty to be honest.


Why is this banter still going on? It is so trivial.


I agree, it is trivial, and petty.

The lying about my actions that is.

What isnt petty or so trivial is then using those lies to target my entire team, which almost 90% of is comprised of players less than half my level. That isnt petty or trivial, using lies and half truths to target honest players because you got your feelings hurt over something that didnt even happen, over a misperception.


The issue is this isn’t gonna solve it. If anything this is just fanning the flames. Unless your in the same bracket they can’t farm you event wise and farming you outside of the pvp event won’t give them anything anyway.

Sure it’s a pain in the neck seeing them over and over but with the health pot shortage as it is just think of the resources they are wasting to get wood and food that they are already capped on.

Honestly this isn’t helping either side. Us guys and girls on the outside can’t know which side is right as we didn’t see it.

Get this event done. When the league change happens they will be gone. It’s not perfect. But it finishes it once and for all.


I don’t encourage spending in this game but may sound like a case where it’s best to bring out
the wallet :wink:

Teach them a lesson :+1: In war dragons money beats muscle everytime!


Lol Twitch, my wallet is closed. Has been for a while, and most likely will stay closed until the masses see Atlas.


@twichx I agree this game is getting more about the wallet and less about the skill.


Please,close the thread :pray:t2:@ModMat
This post getting more dramatic then useful
Question was solved with first 2msgs,lol


Guys, may I remind you that the prize spread between #1 and #25 in Gold 2 is 125 sigils? Thanks to Amortized Back-of-Red Envelope calculations, we know this is about $1.25, which by my math works out to “not worth getting upset over.” Jonesy has described a pretty reasonable thought process for hitting Merlin’s team, Merlin has described a pretty reasonable thought process for hitting Jonesy’s team back; no one is using chemical weapons on civilians here.

I have graciously avoided farming either of you, or the 300s in your league, because my fearsome platinum dragons took a vow of farming chastity this weekend. (They’re Lawful Good, too.) Let this expression of implausible mercy and generosity inspire you both.



Well, it seems to me that the problem here is focused between two teams. I don’t understand why all the forum should be made aware of it so I’m closing this post.