Personal prizes add on


Pg so you give us fancy ruins in he events n chest quests why not add ruin dust to personal prize lines there is a major shortage so can we please start seeing dust in the lines as well as whats there with no removal of prizings


runes and rune dust :see_no_evil: I just couldn’t resist

Overall yeah additional dust would be nice to see, having hard time experting those mythic glyphs.


Yea its crazy how short the dust is :smile: honestly is u get mythic n legendarys n epic ruins. In season line there is not enough dust to even max them 3 out in the season line! Sooo i why not add 1 mill dust spread out thru prizings we get to claim


I get my rune dust by salvaging all common and rare runes and glyphs and even a few legendary such as poison resist. I usually have enough to meet my needs, although it is a pain in the butt to have to sit for an hour and go through them to salvage.

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