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I’d be curious why the Atlas event personal prizes are so disparate.

I don’t have screen shots from others, but I have been given some numbers.

Let me note this:

Yes, the team prizes are massively better for those in the higher tiers. When you consider that you need about 500 rider shards per rider, and this cost is the same for everyone, that makes a big difference. But I don’t really have a problem with this. For one thing, a level 5 poacher is much more difficult to kill than a level 3 poacher. And this is about the TEAM. So, the differences here do not bother me. I think they are fair, and earned.

However, for the personal prizes, where the exact same cost is required for me to to achieve a certain number of points–I have to kill/lose the same number of troops as (just as an example) the strongest Atlas player in Dread or NMO. Now, the effort required on my part to get these numbers is actually higher–I cannot carry as many troops with me at one time, so It’s actually more work for me, even if the game cost is the same. IOW, it it will take me longer.

But here’s the kicker–I’ll can “spend” them same in-game (troops) and spend MORE time, and my rewards will be vastly inferior, for the personal prizes.

For example, here is what I could possibly win in the current event for my personal prizes:

I could post numbers, but I think images are better. Since I don’t have them, I’m asking for people from the higher echelons to post what they would win personally.

You can post team prizes too, but that is not really my concern here. My concern is that for the same cost and (on my part) more effort, I will actually earn less than some players (and possible more than others–maybe those without any land could post what their personal prizes are).

Thanks for helping out.

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we have exactly the same personal prizes in Top tier

Edit: only the shards payout varies with the shards bonus with higher lvl refineries.
but we get the same amount of Timers, Keystones and dragon rider shards as you do

Personal progression rewards suck for everyone. I see absolutely no reason why anyone would waste thousands of troops for those embarrasing prizes, doesn‘t matter on which team you are.

Anyway, it‘s just like every other event in the core game. Smaller players from smaller teams also have the exact same prizes as top players from top teams.
Why should this be different for Atlas?


That is my question.

I am aware that the cause of the difference is refineries. But I also know that a team stacked with top level infrastructure is going to get just a bit less than double at each prize. This will, in turn, set that player up for the crafting event. And the cycle continues. I cannot go conquer more land. All the better land is taken. And one needs to be vastly stronger to take land from someone who doesn’t want to give it up.

And, these teams with more and better refineries… already benefit from them every day, when they raid their poachers. So, why do they need more personal awards for something that is clearly a team benefit?

I do not see how this is personal prizing. To me, the bonus should be moved to the team prizes.

I am not saying the net prizes should be reduced for anyone.

I just do not see how the team’s infrastructure, which is already rewarding the individual (and the team), should be a factor in individual Atlas prize.

Also, yes, the prizes are terrible. Definitely not worth the cost in troops. But that is a related topic.

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Basically this is how events like fortification work.
A low level gets smaller lumber packs from personal and team prizes because of his level. But he needs more to catch up to higher levels.

So I see the team‘s infrastructure as your farms/mills/storage that already increase your RSS outside of an event.
And inside the event, the RSS packs are scaled to your level.

I find the crafting material payout very poor in Atlas, but why should they not scale with your refineries?

Or maybe all refineries should boost all materials so very weak teams can get a more even benefit for all elements rather than only boosting one element and have an extremy shortage of another?

That would seem like a reasonable compromise to me. In many cases, I am sure teams have one to three continents, so they get a boost, but it’s all for the same thing. A boost they already get in their daily poacher kills… So, it adds more of the one you are least likely to actually need more of.

Personally, I still see infrastructure as a team investment, and it should have team benefits. I don’t want to total rewards for anyone to be reduced. My guess is that it is a system that looks good on paper and, theoretically, it encourages teams to get more/better land. But in practice, all the level 4 and 5 land is controlled by teams that will not willingly part with it. And, as long as you understand Atlas, the advantages are all with the defender.

So, my best guess is that the intention was to encourage teams to fight over the better land, but it has I think, materially contributed to the stagnation of all better lands.

The prizes do suck. I’m hoping the World War changes that.

I guess it’s just the nature of the game (which is what I’m trying to question) that as rewards scale, the strong get stronger. Which is fine… But they get stronger faster than the others. So, once you’re on top, you’re looking at a reinforcing feedback loop… This is, ofc, good for those on top. But as a whole ecosystem, the game suffers.

Should the rewards he better? Yes. But should the personal rewards be better? I do not think so.

The comparison to in-game resources such as lumber and food is not wholly accurate. A level 40 needs less of these things. Anyone in atlas (regardless of level) needs the exact same amount to get the same gear. And since there is nothing you can do to increase the odds of getting good gear (or to reduce the cost of upgrading gear after you have it), having different levels of atlas crafting materials is much different from a lower level player getting smaller resource packs in prizes or drops.

Certainly, I would rather things stay as they are than have PG make it “fair” by lowering already pitiful prizes for everyone, so if PG is reading… I am not crying “unfair” and saying some should not have more than others… I am saying two things. 1. The prizes are not worth the cost to get them. And 2. The team prizes should be improved to reflect the team investment rather than the individual prizes reflecting anything other than individual effort.



I still think you can compare Atlas and core game.
A lvl40 doesn‘t need less lumber to build a lvl20 tower than a lvl 400 needs. They also need the same to build a lvl60 tower, only that it‘s level restricted. They also need the same RSS to reach the respective fortification event prize tier.

If you compare a lvl20 tower to common gear and a lvl60 tower with legendary gear, it really makes sense. Both players need the same amount of materials to craft, upgrade and hit event prize tiers. Atlas even allows a lvl20 to have legendary gear, but he will likely not be able to upgrade it very high unless he‘s in a vastly higher/stronger team.

I’m following you here. I guess I feel the frustration because I do already have some legendary gear, but I can not often afford to upgrade it. The other resources have limitations on how much can be stored (and they are also auto-generated). Nothing in Atlas is automatic, except for a small number of egg tokens.

There is no real limit (not practical anyway, there is a limit, but it is so high it would never be obtained), on crafter materials, they cannot be stolen or farmed (not suggesting they should be), and they are not generated over time just for being there.

So, I see your point, and I think I mostly agree. The cost for a level 60 tower is the same for everyone, and a higher level player has greater earning power. But that earning power is a function (mostly) of level. The team has very little influence on what the individual can earn, except that more higher level players can work together to have a greater combined effect. But ath is still not the team–it might be, but more likely, it is a subset of the team working together to help a specific person, maybe even the “bigs” on the team to feed their harbinger dragons.

I think we mostly agree. I guess I wish there were more options for teams that do not already have a strong presence in Atlas. I LOVE that defenders have the advantage. I think it is both realistic and helps to keep the “bullies” from doing whatever they want unless they are really willing to commit. And even then, as the smaller team, you don’t really have to win–you just need to understand the mechanics well enough to make it more expensive than it is worth to evict you.

There is lots of bad information on the forums about warfare in Atlas. I choose not to correct it, mostly because it has the potential to hurt my team if I do. A well-planned, strategic defense can keep even a very strong team from wiping you out (again, unless they simply commit OVERWHELMING forces for a sustained period and are willing to suffer heavy losses/expenses). For most teams in the position to do this, a few level three continents are not worth the cost. But the same mechanics that let me keep my land make it challenging (close to impossible) to take land from others.

IDK that I have an answer. I think the team rewards are at least a partial answer. It won’t affect my personal rewards, or if it does, I suppose it might lower them. And, at least for now, success in Atlas is far more tied to gold, troops, and all things other than crafting.

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