Personal tracker for Pathox. 0 cash gaming


Kinda hate u too


Totally just realized im in one of the original screenshots posted <3


I see this like a journey, similar to chouch base 1- infinity.

Good luck, you have a advantage probably many havent, and that is a good team from diamond which probably get the 1,2k sigils + from Quests well too , but still wonder how you are doing with :slight_smile:

Maybe some road detail of that plan ? Like 1. 2. 3. … Phathox … and you see what works and what not ^^

  1. I dont use rubies extensively for speeding up tokens. Almost everything is converted to resources. (Golden chests)
  2. Chest only opened during pvp events( this season tho is special case cuz got worried we will get 2 straight non pvp for 2 weeks while discount is on) i opened around 140ish golden chests during feeding.
  3. Team 100% participation. No lazy butts not doing teamquest. :face_vomiting:


I nap too!! :joy:



Timers for upcoming fort


I skipped ET bonus this season,since we have amazing Den caps and I don’t need much tokens anymore :woman_shrugging:t2:
Someone played themselves))

So this season I won’t be distracted by any other branches)


Youre on harbs though right?


Yeah,and I need timers for Atlas infra+Troops+primarches+incubation+building base
So I guess I’ll reach 337 at 2020🤣
Plus,my account had multiple glitches earlier,which made me lose stuff in Atlas and dragons AP. So after getting 0 compensation and help I decided that I’m not gonna buy any single pack outside elite and atlas elite anymore)


Awe, thats sad. But welcome to the ELITE club . :kissing_heart:


Hahahhhah! We have few spenders (400ish) who also stopped spending.becouse they are not happy with game.
I guess,Elite club will grow up


I hope not. Need to keep money flowing so wd wont close out.