Petition for change (the people matter!)

Hey guys so I spend a lot of time reading the forums as well as most of you and if your reading this you kinda know where I’m going with it. A lot of people mostly whine while never furthering their interest to better the game however,just my opinion here pg,but if a community of people were paying my bills and paying my pay checks for my kids and habits I think I would hear them out. Give the people what they want. Stop pissing in our face. This document is a petition for everyone to sign the ign or in game name for the advocacy of the requested items in the link above. If they won’t listen to us individually then perhaps they will hear us as a group.


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Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents)


Hi KingDread - the link still isn’t working - but, in my opinion, a petition isn’t going to do anything :woman_shrugging:t2: Why would pg care about a bunch of ign on a virtual document???

What pg would care about is when any and all revenue stopped - when their THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS quit rolling in monthly (I’ve said it before - everyone should google their monthly revenue, it’s appaling)

I know several months ago (June/July/Aug) there was talk of a diamond ban on spending - not sure whatever happened to that - but it’s a great idea.

So many unhappy players - and they release the harbinger tier - it’s brilliant really lol - bc they made all their missed money back the day they released those.

I agree 100% something needs to be done - but I don’t think putting our ign on a virtual document is going to scare them

Your better off trying to petition the top 5 teams into going a few events without spending than you are petitioning PG themselves. A noticeable drop in spending will send a louder messages than any virtual document with random IGN’s on it. Good luck getting those 5 teams to agree on anything though.

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@MikesGoN2GetU exactly - ideal would be getting Sapphire 1 and up :woman_shrugging:t2:

I do appreciate what Kingdread is going for here, but the petition needs to be to the players–more of a Players’ Pledge.

Basically, enough players need to agree together that they will not spend for X days. AND they need to agree that they won’t just hoard that money they would have spent and spend it when the time is up. Buy something nice for your mom.

$$$$$ is the only language PG understands.

Again, I love this idea, but we’re trying to talk to the wrong people.

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